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About Bob's Watches

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Founded in 1999, Bob's Watches is the leading online marketplace for buying, selling and trading used Rolex watches for men and women. With over 20 years of experience, and thousands of satisfied customers, we carry the world's largest selection of used Rolex watches for sale as well as other top brands like Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe and more. Our pre-owned Rolex exchange is known for providing excellent customer service and offering the best prices through our low-price guarantee. All watches listed on our site are in stock and immediately available for free overnight shipping. Our selection is meticulously inspected and authenticated by third-party experts, ensuring every luxury watch listed on our store is 100% certified authentic.

Located in Newport Beach, California, we are proud members of the BBB, the IWJG, Jewelers Board of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce.

Along with a wide selection of new and used models for purchase, Bob’s Watches is the most trusted destination to sell vintage and contemporary Rolex watches at full market value. Our Rolex serial numbers chart look-up tool helps owners learn when a specific piece was manufactured, and by filling out and submitting the form on our Sell Rolex page, viewers can get exact estimations on models in question. In addition, our YouTube video helps visitors learn "How to spot a fake Rolex."

Trust, honesty, and transparent pricing. Bob's Watches offers the largest and finest selection of used, pre-owned, and vintage luxury watches from brands including Rolex, OMEGA, Patek Philippe, Panerai , and more. It has become the ultimate destination for consumers looking to buy, sell, or trade certified pre-owned timepieces, attaining a BBB A+ rating, and has been quoted and featured in many of the world's leading news publications.

Paul Altieri

Founder and CEO | Bob's Watches

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About Panerai Watches

When examining luxury watches the simplistic style and class featured by Panerai timepieces make it a top choice for a number of collectors. Bob’s Watches has been committed to offering the top value for those looking to sell used Panerai watches. If you are interested in selling your Panerai fill out our form and receive a no obligation quote for your wristwatch.

Founded in Florence, Italy in 1860 by Giovanni Panerai, the Panerai company immediately began establishing connections with prestigious and long established Swiss watches manufacturers. Panerai quickly became known as a top Italian watch company, even though it did not design all of its movements in-house. In the 1890’s, the company had a new vision and began specializing in precision mechanism. Panerai was so good at its new specialty that it became the official supplier of the Royal Italian Navy.

With its success, Panerai moved to Piazza San Giovanni in Florence in 1900. That same year the company made its first precision optical and mechanical instruments for the Italian Ministry of Defense. Much like Rolex, Panerai was extremely innovative in watch making. By 1910 the company had begun experimenting with luminous materials and began producing larger and brighter dials for their watches. With such quality and innovation, the Royal Italian Navy continued to use instruments supplied by Panerai, including depth gauges and timing mechanisms. Panerai even designed a mechanical calculator which the Navy used to launch torpedoes.

By the 1930’s, the company was a major suppliers of underwater instruments. The company continued to make watches, however, and offered the famous Radiomir and Luminor watches. The Radiomir was designed for the Royal Italian Navy to withstand extreme conditions. It featured a luminous dial, cushion shaped case, and loop strap attachments. In the 1950's the Radiomir was improved with an angelus movement and an eight day power reserve. In 1943, Panerai experimented with water proofing technology with the release of the Mare Nostrum. This watch was able to descend to a depth of 200 meters without the watch being affected by the pressure or water.

In the 1970’s the Panerai company passed from the Panerai family to Dino Zei. Working off of previous technology, Panerai was able to release a watch that could withstand pressure up to 1,000 meters in 1980. This watch was made of titanium and featured an automatic mechanical movement, luminous dial and rubber strap.

Panerai has seen its share of famous clients. In 1995 a special edition of the Slytech watch was made for Sylvester Stallone and was later featured in the movie Daylight. Panerai popularity continued to grow as they opened new boutiques in Hong Kong in 2002.

In 1997 Richemont bought Panerai, allowing significant improvements to the company’s efficiency. Recently, in 2005, the first Panerai in-house movement was created and incorporated into an eight day power reserve mechanism. Through years of continuous innovation and a stellar reputation for reliability and precision, Panerai was established as a premier watch maker, not just in Italy but throughout the world.

Panerai Models We Accept

Below are some of the many Panerai wristwatch models that we accept.  This is not a full list of the watches we accept.  If you don't see your timepiece listed below please contact us to receive a quote.

Vintage Models

•    Luminor Base: Reference - PAM0000, PAM00114, and PAM 00112
•    Luminor Marina: Reference - PAM00005, PAM00113, PAM00111, and PAM00177
•    Luminor 1950 3 Days: Reference - PAM00372
•    Luminor 1950 8 Days: Reference - PAM00233, and PAM00289
•    Luminor 1950 3 Days Power Reserve: Reference - PAM00423
•    Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days: Reference - PAM00422

•    Radiomir 3 Days 47mm: Reference - PAM00424 and  PAM00425
•    Radiomir 3 Days GMT: Reference - PAM00421
•    Radiomir 8 Days: Reference PAM 00268, PAM00346, and PAM00384
•    Radiomir: Reference PAM00210, PAM00231, and PAM00380
•    Radiomir 42mm: Reference PAM00337, PAM00338, and PAM00378

Modern (Contemporary) Models

•    Luminor Marina Automatic: Reference PAM00104, PAM00164, and PAM00240
•    Luminor Submersible: Reference PAM00024, PAM00025, and PAM00243
•    Luminor GMT: Reference PAM00088, PAM00297, PAM00161, and PAM00244
•    Luminor Power Reserve: Reference PAM00090, PAM00171, and PAM00241
•    Luminor Chrono: Reference PAM00356, PAM00250, PAM00251, and PAM00326
•    Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic: Reference PAM00312, PAM00328, PAM00386, and PAM00359
•    Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic: Reference PAM 00305
•    Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic: Reference PAM00320, PAM00329, PAM00441, and PAM00438
•    Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Power Reserve Automatic: Reference PAM00321, and PAM00347
•    Luminor 1950 10 Days GMT:  Reference PAM00270, and PAM00335
•    Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante 8 Days GMT: Reference PAM00317, PAM00311, and PAM00275
•    Luminor 1950Tourbillon GMT 47mm: Reference PAM00396, and PAM00306

•    Radiomir Black Seal 3 Days Automatic: Reference PAM00388
•    Radiomir Black Seal Automatic: Reference PAM00287
•    Radiomir Chrono: Reference PAM00369, and PAM00288
•    Radiomir GMT Alarm: Reference PAM00355
•    Radiomir 10 Days GMT: Reference PAM00323
•    Radiomir Tourbillon GMT: Reference PAM00315, PAM00330, and PAM00316

Special Edition Models

•    Radiomir: Reference PAM00021
•    Luminor Marina Militare: Reference PAM00036
•    Luminor Chrono 2000: Reference PAM0045
•    Luminor Chrono Titanium/Steel: Reference PAM00052
•    Radiomir Chrono Split-Seconds PAM: Reference 00047
•    Radiomir GMT/Alarm:  Reference PAM 00046
•    Luminor Submersible 1000M: Reference PAM00064
•    Luminor Chrono Flyback: Reference PAM00060
•    Luminor Automatic Montecarlo 2000: Reference PAM00081
•    Luminor Marina Militare Vespucci: Reference PAM00082
•    Luminor Marina Regatta 2001: Reference PAM00107
•    Radiomir Seconds Counter: Reference PAM00078
•    Radiomir Independent: Reference PAM00080
•    Luminor GMT Regatta 2002: Reference PAM00156
•    Luminor Chrono for AMG: Reference PAM00105
•    Luminor Chrono for AMG: Reference PAM00108
•    Luminor Blackseal: Reference PAM00076
•    Luminor Chrono Regatta: Reference PAM00168
•    Luminor Marina Tantalium: Reference PAM000172
•    Radiomir Chrono: Reference PAM00163
•    Luminor Submersible Chrono 1000m: Reference PAM00187
•    Luminor Submersible 2500m: Reference PAM00194
•    Luminor Submersible Regatta 2004: Reference PAM00199
•    Black Seal Compass: Reference PAM00191
•    Radiomir 8 Days GMT: Reference PAM00200
•    Radiomir 8 Days GMT: Reference PAM00201
•    Luminor Power Reserve Regatta 2005: Reference PAM00222
•    Radiomir 1936: Reference PAM00249
•    Radiomir 1936: Reference PAM00262
•    Radiomir 1938: Reference PAM00232
•    Radiomir 10 Days GMT: Reference PAM00235
•    Radiomir 10 Days GMT: Reference PAM00273
•    Radiomir 10 DAYS GMT: Reference PAM00274
•    Radiomir Titanium: Reference PAM00309
•    Radiomir Titanium: Reference PAM00322
•    Luminor Marina Left Handed: Reference PAM00026
•    Radiomir Egiziano: Reference PAM00341
•    Luminor Power Reserve: Reference PAM00028
•    Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante: Reference PAM00332
•    Mare Nostrum: Reference PAM00300
•    Luminor GMT: Reference PAM00029
•    Radiomir Regatta one/eighth second: Reference PAM00343
•    Radiomir 3 Days Platino: Reference PAM00373
•    Radiomir 3 Days Oro Bianco: Reference PAM00376
•    Radiomir 3 Days Oro Rosa: Reference PAM00379
•    Luminor Composite 1950 3 Days: Reference PAM00375
•    Radiomir 1940: Reference PAM00399
•    Radiomir 1940: Reference PAM00398
•    Radiomir-California 3 Days: Reference PAM00448

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