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PAM00774 Luminor Base Logo $2,200Sell
Panerai 682 PAM00682 $4,000Sell
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About Panerai Watches

Panerai is one of the oldest and most prestigious watch brands in Europe. Some of its early models became revolutionary for the industry, with numerous advancements used by brands today. However, the development was without public attention in their early stages. Today, they are considered some of the best watches on the market, transforming into the luxury watch brand people know today.

The first Panerai watch appeared in 1860 in Florence, Italy, when Giovani Panerai opened his first store. His creations became successful, which prompted him to create a workshop to produce more. He also established the first horological training center in Italy. The popularity of Panerai watches continued until they gained a sizable contract with the Royal Italian Navy.

In 1916, Panerai was the first brand to implement Radiomir, a glowing paint derived from Radium. While their watches were revolutionary, the spread of its name was limited. This was mainly due to Italy's dictatorship, which prevented interaction with other countries.

Panerai flourished within its borders as funding and development for it continued. Some of its notable achievements during this time included:

  • Luminous sandwich dials
  • Perspex crystal watches
  • Eight-day power reserve watches
  • Luminor watches

Even after the downfall of the dictatorship in Italy, Panerai remained a niche luxury brand within Italy and nearby countries. The next time it would find popularity would be in the early-1990s, thanks to Sylvester Stallone’s endorsement. In 1997, the Vendome Group acquired Panerai and moved its production to Switzerland.

The move caused a drastic change within the luxury brand watch as they began focusing more on sports watches. It started to embody the promotion told by Stallone in his characters and films. Panerai became a symbol of adventure, innovation, and advanced technology. People bought them as the premier dive watches and the most popular luxury piece for watersports.

The company remained true to its Italian designs and inspiration even after the change. Panerai is now considered one of the most diverse brands in terms of watch offerings. They have over 200 models available in various metals and other beautiful finishes. You can often see the distinction in dial colors, case material, and functions.

What authenticates Panerai watches are their reference numbers or PAM. These numbers identify the legitimacy of each watch as you can trace it back to its source.

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Does Panerai Have Resale Value?

Like most luxury watch brands, Panerai has enough prestige to carry value over long periods. The designs appeal to a large demographic, and they are one of the few brands considered investment pieces. Classic designs have the highest demand because it embodies the character and unique Italian design.

One of the biggest reasons people like Panerai watches is because they're easy to spot. They stand out a lot, and you can easily admire their craftsmanship. It's simple compared to other brands, but its simplicity makes it stand out. You get a durable piece that exudes toughness, boldness, and a rugged character you won't find anywhere else.

What Is the Most Sought After Panerai?

The most expensive Panerai watch is the classic Panerai Kampf Schwimmer which only had a few dozen pieces in production. As such, very few remain in circulation, making it highly desirable. It's one of the first watches in their collection to feature automatic movement. You can only find Kampf Schwimmer's in leather parent bands, unlike other Panerai watches with variety.

Each piece out in the market can cost at least $1 million. The closest watch in value would be the Sylvester Stallone watch that he first made popular during the 1990s. It's called the Sly Tech, a model with only 95 pieces. Each of them can cost $400,000, depending on the condition. Along the same price range is the Marina Militare Black Seal, which only had 140 pieces made.

Are Old Panerai Watches Valuable?

Finding a vintage Panerai watch can be daunting because few are available in the market. As such, they’re not easy to come by, and most collectors won’t be able to buy them. The advantage of buying one is that they carry their value, which will likely increase over time. This is because they have limited supply, and demand remains strong.

Some people also tend to like vintage timepieces. They’re also considered investment pieces and part of the portfolios of the wealthy. This is because they present much potential that isn't affected by the markets. For example, the Luminor 6152-1 only has 33 known creations in the market, leading it to demand prices higher than $250,000.

The condition of the dial influences the value of old Panerai watches. This was the quality that helped the brand stand out because of its legibility, even in murkier conditions. Apart from that, their Radiomir is the first of its technology.

Modern watches can gain some value, but it also depends on their scarcity. Buying a limited edition will yield better potential than one released for the general public. With that said, Panerai is a luxury brand, so its prices will remain high for the foreseeable future.

Which Panerai Watch Has the Best Resale Value?

The biggest thing that defines the resale value of the Panerai is its popularity. Some certain brands and designs stand out and are easy to sell. They also demand higher prices because of their popularity. Some may be special/limited editions, though others are not. Here are some of the Panerai to consider when you’re looking at resale value:

Panerai Luminor Due (1042)

The Luminor Due is a brass design that evokes a bold statement despite its smaller dial. It's the closest you can get to a dress watch, which makes it a unique piece that demands attention. You can find this in black and white dials, though the latter is the more popular option.

Panerai Luminor Chrono

People love dive watches, and the Luminor Chrono is one of Panerai's best executions. Its beautiful blue dial matches well with the classic crown guard. It also features the chronograph pushers on the left side instead. It's also one of the few Panerai watches with a steel bracelet.

Panerai Submersible QuarantaQuattro eSteel Grigio Roccia

Eco-friendly designs have gotten much more demand this year, and the eSteel is one of Panerai's premier green designs. It features a dark-shaded dial design that matches its gray theme. The Submersible is the first of its kind, increasing its demand even further. The first of their respective collections tends to have high resale value.

Panerai Luminor Chrono Goldtech Blu Notte

Navy blue dials are also popular among luxury brands, and this timepiece is one of the most beautiful pieces to display. It has a matching alligator strap, and the name Blue Notte means night blue. Its name matches this design, and it is one of the more expensive pieces from Panerai for sale.

How Long Do Panerai Watches Last?

A Panerai can continue to function for decades, with even a few pieces dating back over 100 years. You only need to ensure your Panerai is properly maintained. The recommendation is to service your watch every two years. This will restore it to a brand-new look while ensuring its features remain intact. Maintenance will include:

  • Testing chronometry, functions, and water resistance
  • Watching the dismantling and washing of each individual piece
  • Polishing the watch and bracelet
  • Overhauling its operation to ensure perfect timekeeping (every 4 to 5 years)
  • Case assembly
  • Movement washing and lubrication
  • Quality check (water resistance, power reserve, aesthetics, and timing accuracy)

With high-quality materials, maintenance will help them last a long time. Panerai's are indeed an investment piece that can be worth it if you’re looking for watches that retain or increase in value. They’re also highly-sought after collector items for those that love luxury watches.

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