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Who Is Bob?

In the mid 1990’s Bob Thompson started a small watch company called Bob's Watches. They primary dealt in watches such as Hamilton, Elgin, Longines and the like. In early 2010, Paul Altieri purchased the company from Mr. Thompson with plans to incorporate the Pre-Owned Rolex exchange concept, which is the current system we use to buy and sell Rolex watches.

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Paul Altieri

Paul is the Founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches and one of the masterminds behind the pre-owned Rolex exchange concept. Paul wears many hats. A typical day will involve activities from purchasing, receiving, marketing and sales. Paul is a Boston College graduate and resides in sunny California.

Not just a successful businessman, but a passionate Rolex collector too, Paul Altieri is the CEO at the helm of Bob’s Watches. A graduate of Boston College and a long-time resident of Southern California, Paul Altieri’s hands-on approach to running his business means that he is very much involved in day-to-day operations. This includes everything from purchasing to receiving to sales and marketing at the company’s headquarters in Newport Beach, California. Under Paul Altieri’s leadership, Bob’s Watches has grown to become the world’s leading online marketplace dedicated to pre-owned Rolex watches.

The Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange

The concept behind the Rolex exchange can be described in one word, transparency. When Paul Altieri created the pre-owned Rolex Exchange he had the brilliant idea of openly publishing the current buy and sell values for each Rolex model. Now, whenever you go to Bob’s Watches you will notice both a buy and sell price listed. This has ensured that buyers and sellers alike receive the best deal.

The driving force behind today’s Bob’s Watches is the Rolex Exchange—an innovative idea conceived by Paul Altieri. The Rolex Exchange concept is where both buy and sell prices of pre-owned Rolex watches are listed publically for all to see. This was truly a revolutionary concept in the secondary market for luxury watches, as this level of transparency had never been seen before. Prior to the Rolex Exchange, buyers and sellers of used Rolex watches found it almost impossible to determine the true market value of their watches, leaving plenty of room for deception. Today, however, anyone interested in either selling or buying a secondhand Rolex can go straight to bobswatches.com to find out how much a particular Rolex is worth.

Our Mission

The primary goal has always been to create a trusted marketplace to buy or sell used watches. It is our mission to provide a positive experience when you sell a Rolex or buy a Rolex. Every certified, authentic luxury timepiece on our website has been carefully inspected and restored. As Bob’s Watches grows so does our commitment to offering high customer service.

Our mission at Bob’s Watches is very simple: to offer the best experience for our customers whether they’re buying or selling a Rolex. From the best deal possible to top-notch customer service and everything in between, Bob’s Watches ensures that each detail is taken care of for a smooth and secure transaction.

Our Products

Every luxury watch listed on our website has undergone a detailed evaluation by Rolex-authorized watchmakers to guarantee 100% authenticity of every product we sell. Additionally, every Rolex is inspected, serviced, and, when necessary, restored prior to being added to our website. That is the Bob’s Watches promise.

Sell a Rolex Watch – How It Works

For anyone looking to sell Rolex watches at the best possible price Bob’s is a no brainier. The transparency model setup ensures that anyone can receive the maximum fair market value for their treasured timepiece. By simply checking the buy and sell prices on our website sellers are assured that they are getting the best value for their wristwatch. To top payment is wired the same day for anyone one your sell your Rolex.

Given the transparency, security, and customer care offered by Bob’s Watches, we are confident that we will provide the best price and service to anyone looking to sell Rolex watches. The Rolex Exchange concept guarantees that sellers of Rolex watches will receive fair market value for their timepieces. Plus, payment is wired the very same day we receive your Rolex watch.

Get the Value of Your Rolex Watch