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How To Ship Your Watch

At Bob's Watches, we try to make the process of shipping us your watch as easy and convenient as possible. After we send you a quote for your Rolex and you accept it, we mail you a box with all the materials needed to safely package up and ship us your watch.

Included with the box are the following items:

  1. Pre-paid and insured label for your box
  2. Copy of the quote you received for your watch
  3. Packaging instructions
  4. Small inner box for your watch
  5. Bubble wrap pouch to protect your Rolex while it is in transit.

All the costs associated with sending us your watch have already been paid for by us – all you need to do is package up your watch and drop it off!  When you sell Rolex watches to us we do our best to make the process fast and easy.

While Rolex are some of the most reliable and durable timepieces on Earth, all watches are susceptible to various levels of shocks and impacts. It is best to thoroughly protect your Rolex when mailing it, and not subject it to any unnecessary damage while in transit.

Although you will be sending us your original Rolex box and paperwork (if you still have them), you will not be putting your Rolex in it when you send it to us. It is important to first wrap your watch in the provided bubble wrap pouch, and then place it inside the small inner box that we mail to you.

The bubble wrap sleeve helps protect the watch and its delicate movement from various impacts and shocks that inevitably take place while in transit, and the small inner box helps ensure that your watch stay safe should any damage occur to the outer shipping box while in transit.

If your original Rolex box does not fit in the box we provide to you, just give us a call at (800) 494-3708, and we one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives will happily assist you. We can easily send you another pre-paid and insured label, which you can use to send us your Rolex box separately.

If there is empty space inside the shipping box, fill it with packaging material, before attaching the provided pre-paid and insured label to the outside of your package.

Once your Rolex is safely packaged up and ready to ship, all you need to do is drop it off at your nearest FedEx store or call FedEx directly to schedule a pickup. It’s is highly important to verify that you give your package directly to a FedEx employee, rather than leaving it unattended outside your home or leaving it in a FedEx Express drop box, as these are significantly less-secure, and will compromise your shipping insurance.

Once your package has shipped, you can follow its progress along with the included tracking number, and as soon as we receive your Rolex, we will call you to notify you of its arrival.

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