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Top 5 Rolex Watches

2013 Study

Bob's Watches conducts a bi-annual survey to understand Rolex watch demand and interest patterns. We've found this information to also be useful to those new to Rolex-brand watches and have decided to share the results online. 200+ actual buyers participate in this research, which we hope you find to be helpful. Your feedback is also important to future studies we'll be publishing throughout the year.

Survey Results

It wasn't at all surprising to see Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner top the charts with over 32% of respondents choosing the Submariner as the #1 Rolex of choice. President (#2) earned 20% of votes, followed by Rolex Daytona, holding a close 18%. See the final results below:

  • Submariner - 32%
  • President - 20%
  • Daytona - 18%
  • DateJust - 17%
  • GMT Master - 13%


Top 5 Rolex Watches Table