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Vintage Rolex Ads - The History and Heritage of Rolex

If you love history and you love Rolex, we have a special treat for you! It's always exciting to look back at the legendary origins of this timeless brand, how it all began and how it continued to perpetuate the name ROLEX throughout history. This history can be seen through the elusive and rare vintage Rolex watches tat circulate the world today. But a lesser known memory of Rolex history can be seen and enjoyed by taking a look at the advertisements and flyers produced by the company all the way back to its infancy. Check out these vintage Rolex watch ads full of charm, wit and classic Rolex images.

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Vintage Rolex Ad - Ref. 4062, 5036, 4313, and 4768 models

Classic Vintage Rolex models ad

There isn't much room on a sledge. Wally Herbert's Rolex had to earn its place.

Vintage Rolex Sledge Ad

Vintage Rolex Time Ad

Vintage Rolex Splite Second time precision

Vintage Rolex Prince Ad

Vintage Rolex Cellini Prince Ad

Vintage Rolex 6062 Chronometer Ad

vintage rolex cosmograph chronometer ad

Next time somebody tells you they have an amazing, new waterproof watch...tell them about the crushed Oyster

vintage Rolex crushed oyster ad

In the America's Cup, there is no second.

vintage rolex americas cup ad

Leaders of the Industry Know the Value of Time

vintage rolex ad president mundy

Pan Am Flies with Rolex

vintage rolex pan am ad

In two Elizabethan reigns - two of the world's historic timepieces

Historic Rolex Timepiece Ad

Watch of the Year - The GMT Master

vintage rolex gmt ad

Vintage Rolex Holiday Flyer

Vintage Rolex Xmas

Classic Christmas ad from Rolex - "There'll always be a Christmas"

Vintage Rolex Christmas Ad

Where did you get your Rolex?

vintage rolex ad

Supreme quality Rolex ad

vintage rolex ad

"Hood sails. Rolex watches. Ultimates each."

vintage rolex ad

"When a man has a world in his hands, you expect to find a Rolex on his wrist."

vintage rolex ad

Vintage Rolex Submariner Ads

Vintage Rolex Surfing ad

"If you were..." Rolex ads

vintage rolex ad