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Rolex Artists and Motorcycle Miniatures, a Perfect Pair

Paul Altieri

I have always seen Rolex as a “work of art”, but artist Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau has taken that idea to a whole new level. A hobbyist by trade, Pfau spends his time assembling fascinating motorcycle miniatures, from something as tedious and complicated as actual Rolex watch parts.  Combining a mix of watch components, wood, glass and wires, Pfau has created one of a kind masterpieces with his used watch parts and pieces. The time and precision dedicated to each work is astounding, and if you examine the miniatures closely, you can pick out unique parts that inspire the artist.

With his main influences descending from vintage 1960’s motorcycles, Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau began these design for clients investing in new watches and wanted to recycle their old timepieces into a form of art:

“The watches were the source of his inspiration, collected through a shop’s advertising campaign. Alexandre Ranieri Peters, a personal friend and the shop owner created a campaign where whoever wanted to buy a new watch or a pair of glasses could give their old ones as a first installment.”

Rolex art jose geraldo reis pfauRolex art jose geraldo reis pfauRolex art jose geraldo reis pfau

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Paul Altieri