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Rolex Bezels: How to use the Yacht-Master II Bezel

Paul Altieri

In this installment of the How-To Bezel Series, we will teach you how to use the Yacht-Master II bezel as the other functions that accompany it. Developed in 2007, the Yacht-Master II has been on the market for a little over 10 years and can be found in yellow gold, white gold, Oystersteel, or two-tone Everose variations.  A new Rolex calibre 4161 perpetual movement beats within the case and was developed by Rolex to include a Regatta countdown, which can be accessed by the 10-minute ring command bezel.  The bezel itself is designed to countdown, as opposed to other chronograph watches that count up. The case is always waterproof up to 100 meters and is topped with either a Cerachrom ceramic bezel or a platinum bezel.

new rolex yacht-master 16655
The Rolex Yacht-master 16655 featured in Everose with an Oysterflex bracelet

The Yacht-Master I vs. the Yacht-Master II

While the Yacht-Master II looks somewhat similar to its predecessor, it’s actually a very different watch.  For starters, the Yacht-Master II’s ring command bezel is a highly sophisticated function that is built into the movement itself.  One of the first watches to offer a bezel that is directly built into the movement, the Yacht-Master II is, in its own right, an innovation in Rolex design.  The bezel can be found with a Cerachrom or platinum insert as well as a 10-minute scale. The original Yacht-Master I’s bezel is much more straight-forward and boasts a bi-directional design and 60-minute graduations.  The Yacht-Master II also offers chronograph functions, which can be accessed via the side pushers. This feature is obviously lacking from the Yacht-Master I.

Learning how to use the Yacht-Master II bezel can be difficult, but with a little practice it can be one of the most useful watches Rolex has to offer
Learning how to use the Yacht-Master II bezel can be difficult, but with a little practice it can be one of the most useful watches Rolex has to offer

How To Use the Yacht-Master II Bezel & Chronograph functions.

To access the chronograph functions, the top and bottom side pushers will be used.  To start and stop the chronograph seconds hand on the dial, press the top pusher. It will then begin to sweep clockwise around the dial.  To reset the seconds hand to the 12 o’clock position, press the bottom pusher.

To access the programmable Regatta countdown function, unscrew the crown and turn the ring command bezel counterclockwise until it clicks into position (90 degrees).  You can then press the bottom pusher to set the bezel. Using the screw-down crown, you can now set the dedicated triangle hand to coordinate with the 10-minute counter that circles the center of the dial.  To countdown from 5 minutes, set the hand to the 5 position, and so forth. Rotate the bezel clockwise back into its original position and screw the crown back into the case. Press the top pusher to start or stop the countdown.  

Pressing the bottom pusher while the chronograph functions are in use activates the “Flyback” function, which automatically moves the countdown back to the most recent minute.  The Regatta chronograph also features a mechanical memory. By resetting the time via the bottom pusher, the triangle hand will automatically return to whichever minute it was initially set at before the countdown began.

Learning how to use the Yacht-Master II bezel has endless applications in everyday life and is not just for professional sailing.  What’s more, is the Yacht-Master II boasts a variety of metal options, making it easy to find the perfect reference to suit your lifestyle, whether you’re participating in a Regatta or heading into the office.

Paul Altieri
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