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Do I Need a Watch Winder?

February 17, 2015

BY Paul Altieri


Those who own quality time pieces, like a Rolex, often spend a good deal of money on them. This is because watches from Rolex or other quality watch companies are specially crafted and engineered for precision and durability. To own such a watch requires attention and maintenance to ensure it continues to serve you for years to come. One way to maintain your watch is to use a watch winder.

Watch Winder - Bob's Watches

A good watch winder will keep your watch perfectly charged.


Before Rolex developed perpetual movements, all their watches were hand wound. Today, most modern watches now possess a perpetual movement. This type of movement automatically winds the watch when it is moved. Thus, the simple flick of the wrist will keep the watch working precisely. If you do not wear your watch every day, it could stop running while lying dormant, causing you to have to wind it when you wear it again. While Rolex has simplified the watch winding process over the years, some watches have complicated movements that incorporate annual calendars and even moon phases. Accurately hand winding a Rolex watch with complicated movements can be tricky.

Vintage Case Back and Movement Datejust 1500 - Bob's Watches

Due to Rolex’s movement, it is dependent on being worn to have a charge.


Luckily, there is a handy tool you can use to accomplish this job. A watch winder is typically a small box with a motor that is powered by a battery. The motor slowly spins a cup which holds the watch. Watch winders range in type and price. Similarly to your investment in a Rolex watch, you do not want to purchase a cheap watch winder. Inexpensive watch winders can break easily and could run too fast or for too long. A good watch winder will have a solid case and a silent motor. These nicer models even allow you to adjust the turns per day (TPD) and can even run all day. This means that if you only wear your Rolex on special occasions, it can be carefully “wound” while you are not using it, ensuring it stays accurate. Simply program how many rotations you want per day, and the winder will perform.

If you wear your Rolex daily, it is likely that you do not need a watch winder. However, if you are accustomed to a quartz watch and do not plan on wearing your Rolex daily, a winder would be a good investment.




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