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Joe Biden Watch Collection

Paul Altieri

President Joe Biden became the President of the USA on the 21st of January 2021. Someone as busy as President Joe Biden certainly needs to be able to keep track of time. That’s undoubtedly why the Joe Biden watch collection is so expansive and impressive.

The President has been building his wristwatch collection for several years now and is the owner of some beautiful timepieces. If you’re planning to emulate the President’s choice of watches, you’ll have a stunning range of options to choose from.

To learn more about President Joe Biden’s classic watch collection, keep reading.

Omega Seamaster Diver Professional 300m

Omega Seamaster Diver Professional 300m

Because it had its official premiere on Pierce Brosnan’s wrist in the 1995 film Goldeneye, this watch is often known as the Bond Seamaster. However, it seems to be a watch that the rich and powerful enjoy.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has also been photographed wearing the Seamaster Pro and has done so since he was quite young. It holds special significance for him because his late mother, Princess Diana, gave it to him.

President Biden has enjoyed this luxurious watch for about twenty years. It seems to be a solid favorite of the President as he is often spotted with it attached to his wrist.

This stunning watch is grey-blue in tone and features a stunning 90s-style bracelet. It’s no wonder the rich and famous are so enamored with this piece.

Why it’s a Good Choice for the President

The Omega Seamaster Diver Professional is a smart, classic watch that matches any suit or shirt perfectly. Its subtle grey-blue shade gives a pop of color to any outfit, and its silver bracelet catches the light perfectly.

More to the point, this watch is exceptionally practical. This watch is very simple to read and doesn’t go overboard by trying to be more than it is. It also conveniently displays the date, which is no doubt a bonus for a busy man like Joe Biden.

Of course, this watch isn’t just for the rich and famous. It’s a perfect everyday timepiece that anyone can enjoy regardless of when they wear it. This watch also makes for a great fashion statement for luxury events and classy parties.

For all your pre-owned wristwatch needs, have a look at Bob’s Watches. You’ll find a huge range of luxury, high-quality watches for the most reasonable prices.

Steel Rolex Datejust 41

Steel Rolex Datejust 41

This watch holds a place of significance in the life of President Biden. He wore it on his Inauguration Day, marking his transition into his presidency. It was the perfect watch choice for such a special and remarkable occasion.

This classic timepiece features a bold blue dial and a striking smooth bezel. It’s the pinnacle of classic watch design and functionality. This watch is exceptionally classy, never stealing the spotlight from the wearer but always catching the light as it should.

The Datejust has also been a favorite of other Presidents throughout their time in office. Former President Ronald Regan had his own version, which he wore often, as did Former President Trump.

Why it’s a Good Choice for the President

Any president needs a watch that they can rely on for functionality, practicality, and style. The Rolex Datejust offers all three to a busy president without becoming burdensome on the wrist.

This watch also goes with a wide range of suits and outfit styles. This is an important feature of any presidential watch choice, as they need a timepiece that they can wear for various different events and occasions. With the Datejust, President Biden is able to make the most of this classic watch.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is a timepiece as unique as President Biden himself. In fact, President Biden is the only President who has worn this watch throughout his term in the Oval Office. This means that both this watch and Joe Biden began their presidential journey together.

Truly, it’s little wonder why the President enjoys the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin both wore the same make of watch when they landed on the moon when Biden was just twenty-seven years old. By continuing to wear this watch, President Biden displays his love for his country and the remarkable feats its people have accomplished.

Why it’s a Good Choice for the President

As the Speedmaster is one of America’s most popular watches, President Biden makes himself somewhat more relatable by wearing this watch.

This timepiece is also stunning silver with a strong black dial. Subtle, sleek, and stylish, this watch is a fashion statement without being overbearing.

Finally, the Speedmaster Moonwatch is simply very functional. Its large watch face is easy to read and tells the time accurately, as any classic watch should. This watch encompasses all the things a luxury timepiece should do, and it does so on the wrist of the President.

Speedmaster Moonwatch

Why Buy Pre-Owned?

After learning all about President Biden’s classic watch collection, you must surely be interested in starting one of your own. However, luxury watches usually run a large price tag, and not everyone has the resources of the President. Luckily, there is a wide range of pre-owned luxury watches available for half the price.

Buying pre-owned will not only save you some money. It’s also a better choice for the environment. As reusing and recycling are fast becoming the normal way of life, buying a pre-owned watch is an environmentally conscious choice. It results in less waste, less glass and other watch materials in a landfill, and a cleaner environment, which is something President Biden is striving for.

You don’t have to worry about compromising on quality when you purchase a pre-owned watch, especially if you go through a reputable watch supplier. They’ll ensure your pre-owned luxury watch has been fixed up to the highest possible standard and looks brand new.

There is a wide range of pre-owned luxury and classic watches available from Bob’s Watches. You’ll find all the biggest names in watch creation, including Omega, Rolex, and Seiko. You’ll soon be on your way to a luxury watch collection that President Biden himself will envy.

Luxury Watches of President Biden

The Joe Biden Watch Collection is Impressive

The Joe Biden watch collection is certainly extremely admirable and the envy of any watch collector. The President has a keen sense of style and a taste for classic, beautifully designed watches.

Whatever kind of watch you’re looking for, buying pre-owned could not only save you money, but it’s better for the environment too. Pre-owned watches are maintained to the highest standard, so you are never sacrificing quality when you purchase one.

Paul Altieri
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