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What Rolex Should You Wear to Your Next Holiday Party?

Paul Altieri

This is a tough question because I don’t know you. I’m sure I’d like to. You like watches, I like watches – that’s a pretty good basis for friendship as far as I see it. But even though I don’t know you, I know a lot of people that want to know which Rolex watch they should strap on their wrist and wear to your next holiday party. Maybe you do too? And so I’m going to try to help you out…

I’m breaking down my choices here into one of two categories, either personal or situational. Two of each, and one bonus choice that encompasses both.

Rolex watch holiday party double red sea-dweller
What Rolex watch should you wear to your next holiday party?

Personal: You’re a baller and you want everyone to know it

Rolex watch holiday party Daytona solid gold
A solid gold Rolex Daytona definitely makes a holiday statement.

Bling, bling, baby. Okay, so you could go the diamond route, but it’s November already and the waitlist for the Rainbow Daytona should see you properly kitted-out with your model of choice in time for the holidays 2021 (if you’re lucky).

Everyone recognizes a gold Rolex watch. It is the Western World’s most ubiquitous marker of (financial) success. These days, with more and more column inches dedicated to record-breaking auction sales, the Rolex Daytona collection has almost passed into mainstream consciousness.

So what are you waiting for? Merge the two and take down a solid gold pre-owned Rolex Daytona with a champagne dial from the early aughts.


Situational: Your partner has invited you to spend the holidays with their in-laws

Rolex watch holiday party Submariner 116610 Ceramic
The stainless steel Rolex Submariner is a true classic.

You can’t possibly pass up the opportunity to finally buy that Rolex Submariner you’ve been itching to pull the trigger on for years, can you? The Sub is a universally recognized classic, with every Tom, Dick, and Harry likely to spot it on your wrist and ask you about it. They will be impressed without being overawed (see the previous category for how not to strike this balance).

Also, if you’re on the younger side of average at a familial gathering of this nature, you might find some of the older men and women rocking some even more “advanced” pieces. The Sub is your entry ticket to these otherwise closed circles, without requiring you to kick down the door and demand acceptance.


Personal: You love watches, but you don’t love being the center of attention

Rolex watch holiday party Oyster Perpetual Stainless steel blue dial
The Oyster Perpetual is one of the most understated Rolex watch collections available.

This is where the old reliable Oyster Perpetual collection comes into play. With top-notch build-quality and unrivaled provenance, the Oyster Perpetual range has some pretty exciting dial colors to choose from. Despite this, it never screams as loudly as its peers.

That’s thanks to its muted, polished bezel. It really deflects attention, allowing you to slip under the radar with a treat for no one but yourself beneath your cuff. Reference 114300 with its dark blue sun-ray dial and lime green five-minute markers is a modern classic with a timeless and versatile 39mm diameter.


Situational: Your local RedBar chapter is throwing a party and everyone on the guest list is as obsessed with watches as you are

Rolex watch holiday party double red sea-dweller 1665
The Double Red Sea-Dweller is a grail of vintage Rolex collecting.

Here it is. Finally. Your chance to geek out. Now’s your time to shine among those who know your true soul: fellow watch addicts.

Sure, you could rock up with a Pepsi or a Root Beer in tow, impressing everyone with your access or cash, blah, blah, blah, or you could exercise a bit of discernment and give the guys something to lust over…

Ever heard of the “Double Red” Sea-Dweller or DRSD (reference 1665)? It’s a unicorn. One of the rarest, most beautiful Rolexes ever made. If you find one (and can afford it) buy it. It shouldn’t be as attractive as it is, but that second line of red text between center and six, along with the way the lume tends to age to that creamy, egg-shell hue, is absolute fire.

It’s the kind of quirk only a watch lover would notice. Reward their hours of study with a rare sighting of this fine beast in the wild.


Bonus/Personal/Situational: You are Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus wants you back in time for Christmas

Rolex watch holiday party GMT-Master coke red and black
The Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke” is a natural fit for Santa Claus.

I don’t know how many times you’ve seen Mrs. Claus brought to life on screen, but every time I see her, she always looks the same: Like Kylie Minogue.

Suffice to say, I find this odd. This would make her several hundred years younger than Santa, way out of his (albeit magical) league, and seemingly able to buy her groceries from a non-existent health food store in the middle of the North Pole while Santa dines on whale blubber every night.

Anyway, I don’t buy it. There’s no way Mrs. Minogue-Claus is a realistic partner for Father Christmas. He’s almost certainly been married to the same woman since attending Santa School. You can imagine that these childhood sweethearts have lived with and loved each other for centuries and have grown immensely fat on all the joy (and whale blubber) they’ve been digesting.

It figures, therefore, that she would gift him with a very special Rolex to commemorate not just their love, but also his most lucrative sponsorship deal to date…

If Santa isn’t rocking the Rolex GMT Master II “Fat-Lady Coke” Reference 16760, when he fires-up the sled, I will eat my hat, bells and all.

Paul Altieri
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