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6 Things to Know About the Updated Tudor Pelagos

Paul Altieri

In 2015, Tudor released an updated version of their diving watch, the Pelagos, which made its original debut in 2012. An aggressively priced diving watch with all the bells and whistles, the Pelagos offers a solid value proposition. Here are six things to take note of the updated version of the Tudor Pelagos watch.

Tudor Pelagos 25600
Tudor Pelagos ref. 25600TB is a very blue watch.

1. The Pelagos has an in-house caliber

In recent years, Tudor has shifted gears from using ETA-sourced movements to building their own in-house. Thus, the most notable difference between the 2012 version of the Pelagos and the newest one is the inclusion of a manufacture movement. The MT5612 automatic mechanical movement includes 26 jewels and offers up to 70 hours of power reserve. Furthermore, the Manufacture Tudor MT5612 caliber beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz) and is officially certified by COSC.

2. The Pelagos is available in either a black or blue version

Alongside the updated version of the Pelagos in black, Tudor also released a blue version as seen here. While the black Pelagos is a classic, the ref. 25600TB features a rich blue dial and bezel configuration that lends a fresh and distinct look to the diver’s watch. Plus, the dial includes the “Snowflake” style hour hand that is characteristic of Tudor diving watches.

Tudor Pelagos ref. 25600TB
Tudor Pelagos ref. 25600TB there is a version of the Pelagos in black.

3. The Pelagos is constructed in titanium

Instead of stainless steel, Tudor opted for a lighter metal, titanium, for the Pelagos. Both the 42mm case and bracelet are built using titanium with a satin finish. On top of the titanium case is a ceramic bezel with luminous markers for excellent legibility in low light. Additionally, the Pelagos has sapphire crystal protecting the dial.

4. The Pelagos is equipped with a Helium Escape Valve

The Tudor Pelagos comes with an automatic Helium Escape Valve found at the side of the case at 9 o’clock. The HEV means that should the watch find itself in extreme depths, it will automatically release any helium build-up within the case to prevent damage from pressure. The Pelagos ref. 25600 is water resistant to 1,640 feet (500 m), therefore is an able companion for deep, as well as, technical diving.

Tudor Pelagos ref. 25600TB
The HEV on the Tudor Pelagos ref. 25600TB allows for the watch to be taken to great depths.

5. The Pelagos is presented with both a metal bracelet and a rubber strap

For even further added value, Tudor includes both a titanium bracelet and a rubber strap with the Pelagos. The titanium bracelet perfectly matches the titanium case, while the blue rubber strap adds an even sportier touch to the watch. The availability of these two options allows the wearer to easily switch them out to gain a whole new look for the timepiece.

6. The Pelagos’ bracelet boasts an auto-adjustable buckle

The titanium bracelet of the Pelagos is outfitted with an exclusive automatically adjustable buckle. Essentially, this means that patented clasp system expands or contracts depending on the pressure levels during the dive to achieve an optimal fit. Moreover, the rubber strap also comes with an extension system that permits for easy adjusting when the Pelagos goes from a bare wrist to over a wetsuit.

Tudor Pelagos ref. 25600TB
The titanium bracelet of the Pelagos is outfitted with an exclusive automatically adjustable buckle.

Overall, the Tudor Pelagos offers a fully equipped diver’s watch powered by a manufacture movement at a value that’s hard to beat. Aesthetically attractive and technically sound, the Pelagos is an excellent option for a tool watch that won’t break the bank.

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Paul Altieri