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Rolex Sea Dweller James Cameron for Sale

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About the Rolex James Cameron

Rolex Sea Dweller James Cameron

Rolex James Cameron Reference Number(s):


Years Rolex James Cameron was Produced:

2014 - Present

Rolex James Cameron Nickname Origin:

In 2012, Canadian filmmaker, James Cameron manned a successful exploration to the deepest part of our planet’s ocean, the Mariana Trench. Rolex supplied Cameron’s mission with a specially designed timepiece that was built to withstand the massive pressures present at the bottom of the sea. To celebrate Cameron’s achievement (and their own), Rolex released a special edition of their Sea-Dweller line of watches: the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller with D-Blue Dial, which has since earned the nickname, the "James Cameron." The only difference between the "James Cameron" and the regular Deepsea is the dial of the watch, which fades (top to bottom) from deep blue to black, and has the Deepsea name printed in bright green letters.

Rolex James Cameron Celebrity Associations:

James Cameron, Charlie Rose, Tiger Woods, Joe Rogan

Unique Features for the Rolex James Cameron

Rolex’s "D-Blue" dial, which fades from blue to black, and features the "Deepsea" name printed in bright green letters.

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