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Model / ReferenceModel / Ref Description Current Buy Price
114060 Rolex Submariner - Non Metal, 40mm 1k deduct no papers $7,650Sell
114200 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $2,850Sell
114210 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,200Sell
114234 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel & White Gold, 34mm, Oyster $4,200Sell
114270 Explorer - Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,000Sell
114300 Oyster Perpetual - Steel, 39mm, Oyster Bracelet $5,700Sell
115200 Date - Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $3,870Sell
115210 Date - Steel, Engine Turned Bezel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,750Sell
115234 Date - Steel & White Gold 34, Oyster Bracelet $4,800Sell
116000 Oyster Perpetual - Steel, Colored Dials, 36mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,500Sell
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Paul Altieri

Paul Altieri

Founder and CEO | Bob's Watches

The Rolex Cellini is a high-end dress watch meticulously crafted to epitomize luxury. Oozing with elegance, Rolex designed this watch to balance its aesthetics perfectly alongside weight comfort and feel - making it both a pleasure to wear and look at. Today, this watch is highly sought after on the secondhand market, renowned for its elevated appearance and use of fine alloys and materials.

A nod to the classics, heritage and fine art, the name ‘Cellini’ itself is borrowed from the famous Florentine sculptor and goldsmith, Benvenuto Cellini. Rolex began making the Cellini in the 1960's, at a time when their tool watches (like the Submariner, Explorer and Daytona) were starting to take the world by storm. The watch was a reminder that Rolex could still craft elegant dress watches. Over the years, we've seen some beautiful iterations of this watch, from geometric shapes with exotic dials to slender curved cases laced with diamonds. Today, the modern Cellini remains a strong part of their own heritage with classic lines, yet always featuring a nod to contemporary style.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these beautiful watches in your collection, you truly have something special. The Cellini watch is a fine piece of watchmaking that holds great value and appeal for collectors. To help you navigate the selling process, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about your Cellini - including how to derive its value and what other Cellini's are going for on the market right now.

Many collectors are unsure where to go when they are looking to sell Rolex watches.  At Bob's Watches, we believe an educated seller is the best kind of seller. So are you ready to learn more about your watch?

What Your Cellini Is Worth

The Rolex Cellini is a valuable timepiece. Always forged out of precious metals like gold or platinum, this watch inherently holds great value on the second hand market. While previous generations of Cellini watches offered yellow gold and platinum case options (the platinum often fetching a higher price tag) all current-production Rolex Cellini watches are exclusively available in 18k Everose gold or 18k white gold. This is a great advantage for you as a seller, as the often high price of gold directly ties into the value of your luxury timepiece. When figuring out how much is a Rolex watch, there are a few things you will want to consider.  The price of a pre-owned Rolex Cellini depends on a few factors. Newer models tend to fetch a higher price tag because of their contemporary style and movements. However, vintage Cellini watches remain collectable for their stunningly unique styles. It’s also important to point out that today the modern Cellini is considered a unisex watch, but in the past, Rolex has released women's dress Celini watches. These watches that clock in smaller can hold less value, as can Cellini watches - men’s and women's - which are outfitted with quartz movements instead of mechanical.

It's important to consider all of the elements that make up your Cellini watch to help determine the value - from the movement to the size, alloy, gems and reference number. If you have a clear understanding of all the factors that go into your Cellini’s valuation, you can be a better, more educated seller.

Rolex Cellini Pricing Guide

Because we are dedicated to transparency, we always list the buy and sell price of our Rolex's on our website. That means if we have a Cellini on our website, you can actually see how much money we would give you for that timepiece if you have the same reference number. This is a great starting point to determining the value of your Cellini watch. To give you even more of an idea of what your Cellini may be worth, you can use this guide below which outlines different Cellini reference numbers and second hand pricing. This is a great starting point to understand the value of your Rolex and start the appraisal process with Bob’s Watches. Retail prices for the current time-only Rolex Cellini watch starts at $15,200 and increases from there with additional complications. Retail prices are identical for 18k white gold and Everose models with the same features, but prices increase incrementally for the date-displaying, dual-time, and moonphase models. Below, we’re listing the retail and second-hand value of the current Cellini models on the market today.



Retail Price

Second-Hand Price


Cellini Time

ref. 50505

15,200 USD

from $11,495

18k Everose gold

Cellini Time

ref. 50509

15,200 USD

from $11,495

18k White gold

Cellini Date

ref. 50515

17,900 USD

from $13,490

18k Everose gold

Cellini Date

ref. 50519

17,900 USD

from $13,990

18k White gold

Cellini Dual Time

ref. 50525

19,400 USD

from $15,500

18k Everose gold

Cellini Dual Time

ref. 50529

19,400 USD

from $14,850

18k White gold

Cellini Moonphase

ref. 50535

26,750 USD

from $21,000

18k Everose gold

How Do I Sell My Rolex Cellini?

At Bob's Watches, we have created a simple, transparent and safe process for selling your Rolex Cellini. First, simply fill in the form on this page and we will call you back about your Cellini to give you an initial valuation. Alternatively, you can give us a call right now and we'll chat with you about your Cellini to get a better idea about its value.

Call: (800) 376-7430 to speak to our specialists

After your initial appraisal over the phone, Bob’s watches will pay for your shipping and insurance so that you can ship us your Rolex from the comfort of your home with confidence. Once we get your Cellini in our Newport Beach, California, office, our specialists will complete your complimentary appraisal and give you a call to tell you our offer for your Cellini. Once you accept our offer, we will send you the cash for your Rolex Cellini the very same day - simple as that.

Step 1: Call Bob's Watches, and we will give you a quote for your Cellini over the phone.

Step 2: Bob's Watches sends you an empty box for you to ship the Rolex to us.

Step 3: Pack your Rolex in the prepaid and insured box and send it to Bob's Watches.

Step 4: Bob's Watches receives your Cellini, and gives you a free over the phone appraisal.

Step 5: Bob's Watches gives you the cash for your Rolex Cellini

Key Features & Value of Rolex's Most Famous Cellini Models

Over the decades, Rolex has produced many variations of their Cellini timepiece. Along with classic round cases, watches in the Rolex Cellini collection have included a variety of non-rounded case shapes like oval, rectangular, cushion, tonneau, octagonal, and asymmetrical. 

However regardless of the shape, all Rolex Cellini watches are always crafted from either gold or platinum. Additionally, not only does the Cellini collection include models for men and women, but throughout its history, Rolex has also used quartz, manual-wind, and automatic movements to power them. 

Amongst all of these Cellini watches, a few models have stood out. Below, we’ll detail the key features of the most popular Rolex Cellini watches. Chances are, you could have one of these Cellini's in your collection.

The Cellini Midas

The history of the Midas stretches back to the mid-1960’s, and actually, these watches weren’t initially considered part of the Cellini collection. However, the standout asymmetrical pentagon-shaped watch, fitted with an integrated bracelet, was clearly different from the rest of their collection. The Midas was also clearly a dress watch, outfitted entirely in 18k gold. The watch has remained popular amongst collectors for a few reasons. Firstly, and most famously, this watch was worn by stars like Elvis Presel and John Wayne. Secondly, only a thousand of these watches were ever made, making them incredibly rare. Finally, it's rumored that the Midas was designed by Gerald Genta (of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus fame).

Today, these original Midas are highly collectable timepieces. However, there was also a non-limited Midas edition launched in the 1970's which was inspired by the original. These watches are squarely considered Cellini timepieces and hold great value - they're just as collectable, too.

Cellini Classic

You can always spot a Cellini Classic model by its round gold case, time-only dials, leather straps, and manual-wind movements. You can find this distinct Cellini style as far back as the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. However, the name was only officially introduced in the 1990s with references like the men’s manual-winding 5112, 5115, and 5116, and the ladies’ quartz-powered 6110 and 6111. Because of their timeless aesthetic, these watches have lasting appeal and hold great value on the secondary market.

Cellini Danaos

In the 1990s, Rolex introduced the vintage-inspired Danaos collection, featuring rounded cushion-shaped cases and leather straps. Dial options within the Danaos collection were varied and one of the most popular was the bull’s-eye style dials — sometimes also referred to as tuxedo style dial if in black and silver. The Danos remains incredibly popular today, as Rolex enthusiasts and watch collectors alike adore the case.

Cellini Cestello

Around 1999, Rolex launched the Cellini Cestello featuring their ultra-thin 36mm case. The Cestello was defined by its flat bezel fitted with hinged lugs to hold leather straps. Like all Cellini watches, the Cestello was only made in gold — the yellow gold ref. 5330/8, white gold ref. 5330/9 and the rose gold ref. 5330/5. The men's versions of the Cestello are powered by manual-wound movements. 

The women's Cellini Cestello, however, had a similarly styled case with hinged lugs, but clocked in at just 26mm. The women’s Cestello collection was also outfitted in both manual-wind versions (ref. 5310) or quartz-powered versions (ref. 6311, 6321). Additionally you had different strap opens with the women’s Cellini Cestello, including a leather strap and a solid gold link bracelet. Both the men’s and women’s versions of these timepieces are valuable today, beloved by collectors for their uniqueness.

Cellini Cellissima

The Cellini Cellissima was available in both round or oblong, but was beloved and revered for its ornate hooded lugs. The Cellissima was also outfitted in both leather straps and brick-link bracelets, giving the wearer options for how they wanted to dress up. Additionally, many elegant Cellisima watches were adorned with glittering diamonds. It’s also important to note that this watch was powered by a quartz movement. However, because of its unique style and the fact it was often outfitted with gems, this watch remains valuable on the second hand market.

Cellini Orchid

The quartz Cellini Orchid range was a particularly lavish series of ladies’ watches with distinct bubble-like cases. The Orchid’s bezel was often embellished with diamonds and other precious stones, too. Some versions of this Cellini even came with diamond-set bracelets. Because of all the gems, the Orchid retains great value on the pre-owned market.

Cellini Prince

The Cellini Prince was actually a reissue of the original, vintage Rolex Prince from 1929. Released in 2005, the Cellini Prince is often considered the most un-Rolex of all modern Rolex watches. So what sets it apart? The Art Deco rectangular case, two subdials on the dial (one for hour and minutes and one for the running seconds) and the sapphire caseback so you can view the manual-wound movement. The Prince was available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Because of its uniqueness, both Rolex collectors and watch enthusiasts look out for these watches on the secondary market. If you’re still not sure if you have a Cellini Prince, check the reference numbers — ref. 5440 ,5441, 5442, and 5443.

Cellini Cellinium

While the Cellini Cellinium was only produced for a period of five years in the early 2000’s, this manual-wound watch was beloved for its round, 950 platinum case. The Cellini Cellinium came in two sizes, both the 35mm ref. 5240 and the 38mm case ref. 5241/6. Both watches featured ultra-slim cases thanks to their manually-wound movement, which made them standouts in the Rolex collection. Today, the glacier blue dialed Cellinium is the most coveted since this is a color exclusively reserved for platinum Rolex watches. However, Rolex did produce this watch with other dial colors. If you have a blue dial Cellinium, collectors would love to get their hands on it. Additionally, because this watch was only produced for such a short time, the Cellinium collection as a whole tends to hold great value.

How Bob's Earns Your Trust

Selling your Rolex Cellini is transparent and simple

Trust: A-Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and money is wired to you the same day.

Integrity: Bob's is the only dealer to publish their “BUY” and “SELL” prices

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Bob's Watches is the leading online marketplace for selling and buying pre-owned Rolex watches. Our groundbreaking and industry-leading Rolex Exchange concept publicly lists the ‘SELL’ price along with the 'BUY' price for specific Rolex models. This means you can see the approximate market value for the Rolex watch you want to sell prior to making any commitments - a kind of transparency that is just not offered by any other online retailers. We also invite you to read our reviews online where you will find 600+ 5-star ratings that verify our customers love us and our service. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A Rolex Cellini

Below, we are answering the top questions that people have about selling their Rolex Cellini. Our experts have carefully laid out all of the answers to your most pressing questions, but if there is something you're still wondering about, we suggest giving our experts a call at (800) 376-7430. When you call, we can provide an initial appraisal over the phone as well as answer any additional questions you have about selling your Rolex Cellini.

Q: What is a Rolex Cellini?

A: The Cellini is Rolex’s collection of luxury dress watches. Crafted from precious metals and often set with various gemstones, the Rolex Cellini collection features elegant designs. What sets the Cellini apart the most from the rest of Rolex’s catalog of watches is probably that the Cellini doesn’t use the Oyster case - which is characteristic of many tool and sport Rolex watches. The cases of the Cellini tend to be more refined shapes, as well as thinner.

Q: Where can I find the reference number of my Cellini?

A: You can find the serial number of your Rolex Cellini between the lugs on the side of the case at the 6 o’clock side, behind the bracelet. The reference number will be between 4-8 digits and it is engraved by Rolex on all of their watches so that they can be authenticated and used to determine its production date. In 2005, Rolex began engraving the serial number on the inside flange (or “rehaut” as it’s called in French) between the dial and the crystal. Starting in 2008, the Company began to only engrave the numbers on the rehaut.

Q: What else do I need in order to sell my Cellini?

A:  Any documents that you are able to provide, such as sales receipts, warranty papers, and service records are incredibly helpful because they provide a history of the watch and can help verify your Cellini's authenticity. Another great thing to include with the sale of your Cellini are the original box and papers that it came with, if you still have them. These original documents let the buyer know that your timepiece is genuine and usually increases the price of your watch.

Finally, if you still have any of the original parts of your Cellini - like spare bracelets or links - these can be very valuable to potential Rolex buyers. Providing as many of the original parts as possible can actually increase your odds selling your Cellini.

Q: How can I sell my Rolex Cellini privately?

A: By getting in touch with Bob’s Watches. When you get your free appraisal and subsequent offer on your Rolex Cellini, you work directly with our discrete watch experts. One of the reasons our clients love selling their pre-owned timepieces to us is that they can get the best price and not have to deal with buyers, low bids and the hassle of selling the watch themselves. We make selling your watch fast, simple, secure and private.

Q: Does the Rolex Cellini hold value?

A: Nearly all Rolex watches hold their value incredibly well, including the Cellini watches. On top of the inherent desirability that accompanies the Rolex brand, all Cellini watches are crafted from either solid gold or platinum, giving them an additional level of intrinsic value due to their precious metal construction.

Q: How much does a Rolex Cellini cost?

A: The retail price for a Cellini starts at over $15k for the time-only models and nearly doubles for the references fitted with more complicated movements, like the moonphase. On the second-hand market, that same time-only Cellini will sell for around $11,495. However, a lot of factors go into the value and price of a pre-owned Cellini, including the reference number, alloy, size, movement and more.

Q: How much is a Rolex Cellini Moonphase?

A: The Rolex Cellini Moonphase ref. 50535 retails for $26,750. This beautiful, exclusive Cellini model is forged out of solid 18k Everose gold and features a moonphase display that is actually adorned with a slice of genuine meteorite. The reference 50535 is the most expensive Rolex Cellini watch currently available.

Q: Does Rolex lose value?

A: We like to say that buying a watch is like buying a car. The moment you buy a watch on the retail market and walk out of the store with it, it depreciates in value. However, because Rolex watches are some of the most exclusive and collectable in the world, they tend to hold good value. Additionally, the value of a Rolex watch can rise again after you purchase it on the retail market. Factors like rarity, provenance, reference number and vintage-status can help your Rolex hold or increase in value over time.

Q: How do I find the value of my Rolex Cellini

A: The first thing to do is find the reference number of your Cellini. Then, you can plug that reference number into our website’s search bar. If we currently have this model for sale, you can see both the price we are selling it for as well as what we will buy it for - this is part of our transparent, industry-leading Rolex Exchange.

While this is a great way to get an idea for the value of your Cellini, at Bob’s Watches we always recommend getting a professional valuation on your specific model. We can do this over the phone, as well as provide a complete appraisal once you send your Rolex to us as part of our buying program. 

Q: Why are Rolex so expensive?

A: Rolex watches are forged out of exceptionally expensive alloys with meticulous care and some of the finest mechanisms in the industry. The cost of the materials used in Rolex watches, alongside the specialized care in making them, influences the price. Rolex is also the most famous brand in the world, helping the brand ask a premium for their craftsmanship and precision.

Q: Is the Rolex Cellini solid gold?

A: The Rolex Cellini is always forged out of precious metals, including 18k gold and platinum. Rolex offered previous generations of Cellini watches in yellow gold and platinum. However, all current-production Rolex Cellini watches are exclusively available in solid 18k Everose gold or 18k white gold.

Q: Who wears the Rolex Cellini?

The Cellini is not as well known as other Rolex models, but this elegant dress watch is worn by many celebrities, professional athletes and even a President of the United state. Famously, Barack Obama wore a Rolex Cellini. You can even see the watch painted into his presidential portrait.

Lefty golf champ and Rolex ambassador Phil Mickelson wears his Rolex Cellini Danaos while playing - one of the few golfers to do so. Fellow Rolex ambassador and opera star Plácido Domingo is often spotted in his Cellini, opting for the current-production Rolex Cellini Time in Everose gold.

In the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, actor Christopher Lee had on a yellow gold King Midas Cellini whilst playing the villain, Francisco Scaramanga. Hollywood hard hitter Russel Crowe also owned a platinum Cellini which he bought himself during the shooting of American Gangster in 2007. Because of the handsome, elevated design we see this watch a lot around Hollywood. Kevin Hart and Nicolas Cage have been seen wearing the new Moonphase model in Everose gold.