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Autodromo’s Group B Series 2 and Rally Cars of the ‘80s

Paul Altieri

You might think Autodromo, the cool independent watch brand dedicated to vintage Italian motoring, is actually based in Italy, but in fact it’s the work of New York-based industrial designer and Alfa Romeo enthusiast, Bradley Price. The aptly-named Price has grown a cult following for the company thanks to innovative, vintage-inspired pieces with meticulous design details offered at reasonable cost.

Thanks to its budget-friendly price tag and astonishing looks, the Autodromo Group B Series 2 is expected to take a huge hit. Don’t be surprised when this timepiece hits the luxury watch market with massive success.

Autodromo Group B Series 2
The Autodromo Group B Series 2 comes in three variations. White, Night Stage II, and Orange. (Credit: Autodromo)

The Autodromo Group B Series 2

His main source of inspiration has been the dials and gauges on classic Italian cars like the Alfa Romeo Giuletta, but for his initial offering of Group B watches Price turned to more modern Italian icons such as the Lancia 037 and Lancia Delta S4, which racked up several victories in the Group B rally class in the mid-‘80s before it was banned for being too fast and dangerous to compete. This of course immediately made it a legend, and Price’s first run of Group B pieces quickly sold out like HODINKEE’s recent collaboration with Swatch.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a beauty for those who love cars. (Credit: Wikipedia)

Now Autodromo has come out with a new batch, the Group B Series 2. No mere re-issue, Price re-engineered the steel and titanium case to perfectly integrate a 23mm stainless steel tapered bracelet, giving it a fresh look. Available in three colorways – white markers with black dial, orange markers with black dial, and a Night Stage II special edition with a matte finish bracelet – it can also be fitted with a traditional two-piece strap. The movement is a Miyota automatic from Japan, and best of all its retail price is just $975.

Paul Altieri
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