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Dressing Up for Vintage Fashion

Paul Altieri

Wearing classic clothing and timeless style staples can take any wardrobe from basic to refined. Dressing up with a nod to vintage is as simple as finding and incorporating time-honored fashions from the past. From deco sports coats to tweed vests and velvet dinner jackets, there are numerous ways to elevate a look to vintage chic.

Vintage Fashion
Vintage Fashion can be topped off with a vintage sports watch or a dress watch.

Pull off Vintage Fashion

A sartorial statement that never seems to lose its shine is suspenders, bow tie and a button down. Calling to mind retro movies of the past and celebrating iconic figures like Charlie Chaplin, this rogue artist meets sophisticated playboy attire is perfect for standing out in the crowd or impressing a date on some urban escapades. With just a few vintage Rolex watches your vintage fashion can be topped off.

Not interested in the 1920s menswear? No need to fret—there are plenty of eras to use for style inspiration.

Try a dashing long trench coat, add a cashmere scarf, wool sweater and baggy jeans in a notice-me color to really blend old world attitude with modern swagger. For a supremely stylish twist, opt for cap toe boots with some subtle stitching or even distressed combat boots.

Vintage Fashion
The Date 1500 is a fantastic option for vintage outfits.

The Finishing Touch

In terms of accessories, it’s all about the watch. Nothing enhances a cool vintage style better than a stainless steel or black strap Rolex. An antique watch with modern functionality makes any look feel distinguished and dapper. Try the Rolex Date 1500 for some grown-up sparkle or the Date 6534 for a little luster.

Searching for a standout vintage ensemble? Elect to embrace the retro glam style of the Mad Men era. Go for a daring plaid tuxedo or a shiny streamlined suit in a metallic shade or rich blue. Just don’t forget the fedora, pocket scarf or striped tie. Finish the look in true Don Draper mode with a luxury watch and cool guy cologne. Vintage never looked more now.

Paul Altieri
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