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Reasons to Change-Up the Strap on Your Rolex

Paul Altieri

Rolex manufactures some of the best bracelets available, and for many Rolex owners, the thought of changing out the bracelet on their Rolex has never crossed their mind. However, switching-up the strap on your watch is the easiest, and most cost-effective way of giving your Rolex an entirely new look and feel.

Changing out the factory Rolex bracelet for a strap made of a different material significantly alters the visual appearance of the watch. Leather bands can often give a timepiece a more formal and professional appearance, while rubber/silicon straps can make a watch seem more casual and sports-oriented.Straps - Bob's Watches

Beyond allowing users to alter the look and feel of their watches, there is a very practical reason to switch-up the strap on a Rolex – especially for owners of vintage references and original bracelets.

All metal bracelets (especially those made from softer materials such as gold) have the tendency to slowly stretch overtime. This issue is known as bracelet sag, and it can be observed in metal bracelets from nearly every manufacturer. It has nothing to do with rough treatment or a manufacturer’s defect, but rather it is one of the marks of a well-worn and much-loved watch.

Rolex has continuously altered the designs of their bracelets over the years to make them more robust and resistant to stretching. Although today’s bracelets are far more durable than those on vintage references, all bracelets will stretch out over time with regular use. Switching-up the strap on your Rolex allows you to alter the appearance and feel of your watch, while simultaneously preserving the condition of your original Rolex bracelet.5D3_4065-Edit

When it comes to selecting a band for your watch, it is important to choose a strap that is able to match it in terms of quality and detail. An inexpensive, poorly made band will detract from the overall feel of your watch, so it is important to find a strap whose quality is deserving of a Rolex. Original, factory Rolex straps are quite expensive; however there are a number of aftermarket options available that possess the level of fit and quality that Rolex owners have come to expect from their watches.

For those seeking a great aftermarket strap for their Rolex, we recommended Everest Bands – which can be found at a discounted price, exclusively through our Bob’s Watches app. Everest Bands are made from high-quality rubber and Italian calfskin, and can be purchased in a wide variety of different colors and styles to suit users’ specific needs.Straps - Bob's Watches

Changing-up the strap on your Rolex can provide you with an entirely new wearing experience and dramatically alter the appearance of your watch. Additionally, by limiting the amount of use on your original factory bracelet, you can prevent stretching, and help preserve the collectors-status of your watch. To get access to our exclusive selection of Everest Bands at discounted prices, download Rolex – The Official App of Bob’s Watches from the iTunes App Store.Bob's Watches- 10 Steps to Spotting a Fake Rolex

Paul Altieri