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Dress Up Your Rolex Submariner with a Dapper Leather Strap

Paul Altieri

The colder months of the year are the perfect time to wear your watches on a leather strap. And you know we’re big fans of switching our Rolex metal bracelets for luxurious leather straps from time to time. Not only does this give a whole new look to the watch, but it also makes it much lighter to wear. Plus, leather doesn’t get as cold as metal does on the skin! While Rolex dress watches, such as the Datejust and Day-Date President look fantastic on leather bands, so do the brand’s sportier models. Take the Rolex Submariner for example—wearing it on leather rather than metal brings out the dapperness of the otherwise rugged diving watch.

Rolex Leather Straps
Here are 4 Submariners all on different leather straps.

Submariner No-Date ref. 114060 with a Dark Brown Rolex Leather Strap

The Submariner ref. 114060 is the brand’s current no-date version of the famous diver’s watch. Many favor this version since the lack of date window and Cyclops lens means a sumptuously symmetrical dial and smooth to the touch crystal.

We’ve paired the most straightforward Submariner model with a rich dark brown leather strap to complement the darkness of the black dial and black Cerachrom ceramic bezel. Plus, similar to the white accents on the Rolex Sub, the light tan stitching on the strap contrasts starkly with the deep brown shade. Everything comes together in an appealingly minimal and elegant way.

Rolex Leather Straps
While these Submariners are typically found on a metal bracelet, they look just as stunning on leather.

Submariner ref. 116610 with a Red Rolex Leather Strap

For those who appreciate the style of a classic stainless steel Submariner in all-black, but want the added practicality of a date window and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, then it’s got to be the contemporary Rolex Submariner ref. 116610LN. This time, we see the famous magnifying Cyclops lens affixed to the sapphire glass proudly above the aperture at 3 o’clock.

For a dash of color to the monochromatic Rolex dive watch, we matched it with a bright red leather strap—red is the hue of the festive season after all! The bright crimson with the sleek silver, black, and white coloway is a great contrast. We’re pretty sure this pairing will turn a few heads along the way.

Rolex Leather Straps
Here are four Submariners that have unique straps.

Submariner ref. 116613 with a Black Rolex Leather Strap

A particularly luxe version of Rolex’s dive watch is the current two-tone Rolesor Submariner ref. 116613LN, which beautifully combines tough stainless steel with precious 18k yellow gold. While there’s some yellow gold on the case—the winding crown, the bezel, and on the dial—the majority of the lavish metal is found on the Oyster bracelet.

So for those days when you want to pare down the luxuriousness and take the weight off, opt for this black leather strap with a lush pebble texture and white stitching. Comfortable and effortlessly cool, the mix of steel, gold, ceramic, and leather is a winning combination.

Rolex Leather Straps
Which watch has the winning combination? Comment below.

Submariner ref. 16613 with a Dark Blue Rolex Leather Strap

In addition to its bright blue bezel and steel and yellow gold construction, this Rolex Submariner ref. 16613 also comes with the exceptional “Serti” dial with diamond and blue sapphire hour markers. The Serti Sub is hands down one of the coolest ways to wear a diamond Rolex watch.

Swapping out the two-tone Rolesor steel and yellow gold Oyster bracelet for a sophisticated dark blue leather strap that complements the slate dial, blue sapphires, and blue bezel so well is an unexpected and surprisingly stylish way to sport this gem-set Submariner.

If you’ve never tried wearing a Rolex Submariner on a leather strap, we urge you to try it. It’s a great way to warm up your wrist wear during the chilliest season of the year.

Paul Altieri

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