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Watches and Drinks: Three Perfect Pairs

Paul Altieri

With autumn in full swing and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re here once again to inspire you to pair your watch with a delicious and festive drink. To continue our ongoing series, we’re highlighting the last of our favorite autumnal drinks alongside some killer watches that are in the Bob’s vault right now. Enjoy perusing and as always, drink responsibly!

And if you happen to whip up a drink to match your drink, upload it to Instagram and tag us in it — we’d love to see it.

Watches and Drinks
A Honey Pear Margarita goes well with a vintage GMT – Master.

Honey Pear Margarita x Vintage Yellow Gold GMT with Rootbeer Bezel

When you think or margaritas you usually think of hot summer nights and long days on the beach, by the pool or on the boat. But this recipe for a honey pear margarita pulls the warmth and depth out of the tequila to make it the perfect autumn adult beverage. When this drink is made up it comes out the most wonderful golden color, for this reason, we’d pair it with a gold case and gold bracelet watch like the this vintage Rolex GMT Master from the 1970’s.  

Watches and Drinks
The vintage GMT-Master is a “pearfect” pair with the Honey Pear Margarita.

This watch has an unexpected root beer bezel and brown nipple dial, reminiscent of the dusty-brown cinnamon stick in your drink. But what we love about this watch is, like the drink, it’s a bit unexpected. This otherwise sporty pilots watch has been given a wonderful upgrade with a gold case and elegant matching 18k gold Jubilee bracelet.



4 cups pear juice
2 shots tequila
1 shot triple sec
2 tbsp honey
1 rosemary sprig
Optional: 1/4 tsp cinnamon

Add to a jug or pitcher, stir, chill and serve in a glass with ice, a rosemary sprig and cinnamon stick.

Watches and Drinks
An Apple Pie Moscow Mule is always an easy pick.

Apple Pie Moscow Mule x Two Toned Cartier Ballon Bleu

What’s better than apple pie? An apple pie Moscow mule, of course. Fair warning, though, these are just like apple pie in that you’ll keep hearing yourself say, ‘okay, just one more.’ What keeps this drink nice and fresh is pairing the thick, milly apple cider alongside the crispness of the ginger beer. It’s delicious. And for purely aesthetic purposes, we’d pair your apple pie Moscow mule — in that awesome copper cup with a stainless steel handle — alongside a two-toned watch like the Cartier Ballon Bleu W2BB003.

Watches and Drinks
The Two-Toned Cartier Ballon Bleu is a match made in heaven for the Moscow Mule.

This watch is classic like apple pie but has a little bit of a twist like the drink. It’s got that wonderful Cartier look with the roman numerals, but their oversized look as well as the wonky three where the crown playfully pushes into the bezel and face add a really fun element. We also love that this is a two-toned 36mm watch as it makes it super versatile for dressing up and down — plus, it’s going to essentially match your Moscow Mule mug.

4 ounces apple cider
4 ounces apple pie vodka or caramel vodka
1 bottle ginger beer

Shake apple cider and vodka together, pour over ice into copper Moscow Mule mugs. Top off with ginger beer and garnish with cinnamon sticks and apple slices.

Watches and Drinks
The Cranberry Whiskey Sour goes well with the…

Cranberry Whiskey Sour x Everose Datejust 116261 Thunderbird

If you’re the type of person who takes the cranberry sauce very seriously at Thanksgiving, this is going to be your drink. It’s simple, delicious and totally satisfying — just like a regular whiskey sour but with a bit of an autumnal twist. It goes best paired with a hot fire, a turkey sandwich with stuffing and is great to serve company since it’s so easy to whip up. It also pairs perfectly alongside an Everose Datejust Thunderbird.

Watches and Drinks
The Rolex Datejust Thunderbird is a great watch, matching in both class and color.

Rolex’s version of rose gold, called everose gold, will look perfect on your wrist while sipping this drink. We love this two-toned Datejust Thunderbird because of this, as well as the cranberry-red second hand which spins around the black dial. The 36mm Datejust is a staple piece, just like this classic drink, but as a Thunderbird reference, it’s totally fitting that this sporty piece has been accented with Everose — like on the famous Turn-o-Graph bezel and elegant Jubilee bracelet. 
1 1/2 Ounces Whiskey
3 Ounces Cranberry Juice
3/4  Ounce Lemon Juice
Large Pinch Sugar

Fill cocktail shaker 2/3 full of ice. Add whiskey, cranberry juice, lemon juice and sugar to shaker and shake for 30-seconds. Place a large ice cube in your glass and pour your drink over it. Garnish with fresh cranberries and a cinnamon stick or rosemary sprig. Get more details on the Cranberry Whiskey Sour.

Paul Altieri
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