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Rolex Jubilee Bracelet Guide

Paul Altieri

The options are endless

The Rolex Jubilee bracelet made its debut in 1945 on the brand’s very first Datejust watch. It was released to commemorate Rolex’s 40th anniversary, hence its name, and was exclusively crafted in solid gold. It’s instantly recognizable due to its intricate five-link construction. Not only did Rolex later offer the Jubilee bracelet in a variety of metals, but also across different collections for both men and women. Whether on a dress watch or a sports watch, a vintage model or a modern reference, a gent’s or a lady’s timepiece, in gold, stainless steel, or two-tone configurations, the Jubilee bracelet is a distinct and attractive bracelet option.

Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
Rolex Datejust 16234 with Jubilee bracelet and a fluted bezel.

1. Stainless Steel

The Jubilee bracelet lends a touch of elegance to rugged stainless steel. It’s a natural choice on the men’s stainless steel Datejust ref. 16234, reinforcing the watch’s classic style by complementing the 18k white gold fluted bezel, Roman numerals, and white dial perfectly.

On the ladies’ mid-size Datejust ref. 178274, the Jubilee bracelet transforms the timepiece into a piece of jewelry, especially when paired with the diamonds on the dial.

Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
Rolex Datejust 116264 Turn-O-Graph “Thunderbird” with Jubilee bracelet.

When outfitted on a Rolex sports watch, such as the Datejust 116264 Turn-O-Graph “Thunderbird”, the dressier Jubilee bracelet is a striking contrast to the watch’s sporty appeal.

2. Two-Tone

When built in a two-tone combination of steel and gold, the Rolesor Jubilee bracelets are particularly distinctive and luxurious. Although the Jubilee bracelet was created specifically for the first Datejust, it’s almost as if it was actually produced for the vintage GMT-Master 1675 since it impeccably matches the pilot watch’s gold accents on the nipple dial, bezel, and crown.

Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
Rolex Vintage GMT-Master Root-Beer with Jubilee bracelet.

The Jubilee bracelet on the Lady’s Datejust ref. 178271 in Rolesor Everose gold and stainless steel is especially beautiful, effortlessly complementing the pink gold fluted bezel and Roman numerals.

Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
Rolex Datejust 116233 with a two-tone Jubilee bracelet.

For the archetypical Rolex dress watch, it doesn’t get much more iconic than a yellow gold Rolesor Datejust with a fluted bezel, Roman numerals, and a white dial, all presented on a two-tone Jubilee bracelet.

3. Full Gold

For the ultimate statement in prestige and lavishness, a full gold Jubilee bracelet is a great pick. The Rolex Date 1503 may be sized at a restrained 34mm, but it still makes a big impact thanks to its full yellow gold construction from the Oyster case to the fluted bezel to the Jubilee bracelet.

Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
The Rolex Date ref. 1503 with an 18k Yellow Gold Jubilee bracelet.

The diminutive full yellow gold Lady Oyster Perpetual 6719 from the late 1970s decked out with a gold Jubilee bracelet adds a dash of vintage glam to any fashionista’s wardrobe.

Part of Rolex’s current catalog, the full yellow gold Rolex DateJust ref. 116238 gleams with perfection, particularly with its 18k yellow gold Jubilee bracelet, if a jubilee bracelet is not your style, opt in for a rubber or elastomer band.

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Paul Altieri