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Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value and Are They a Good Investment?

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Paul Altieri

At Bob’s Watches, we understand that most things don’t hold their value. A brand-new car instantly loses value the second you drive it off the lot. A diamond engagement ring will also lose a significant portion of its value immediately. 

You might be wondering, “if I buy a Tudor watch will it holder value?” It’s commonly thought that some watches can be a good investment. Most of you might make a profit when it’s time to sell a watch. However, if you buy the right wristwatch, you can retain some or most of the value you put into it. 

Most buyers aren’t purchasing a Tudor watch as an investment piece. No matter your motivation for purchasing a luxury watch, it’s important to factor in value retention. You want to be able to cash in on a significant portion of your watch if you decide to sell it. 

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value Black Bay Fifty-Eight BB58

So, Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value?

Consider Supply and Demand

The scarcity principle plays a part in if a Tudor watch retains its value. If a watch is in short supply, people might be willing to pay more to have it. The price might increase if more people want to buy it. 

Hard-to-find watches tend to sell for large amounts of money. Watch enthusiasts want to add the watch to their portfolio. If you purchase a rare Tudor watch, it could hold or increase its value. 

Watches of high calibers, like the Tudorr brand, are typically in short supply from the start. That’s because the manufacturing process is so intricate. Nearly every part of a Tudor watch gets hand-assembled at their factory. 

As a result, Tudor watches are already valued at a high amount. 

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value Vintage Submariner

Market Price

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at secondhand market prices. There are recommended retail prices, which authorized Tudor retailers to follow. Tudor prices its watches appropriately, allowing for long-term value for the product. 

Next, there are pre-owned market prices. In this market, the price that the market is willing to pay for a pre-owned Tudor watch determines its value. 

Authorized Tudor resellers have to follow the pricing guidelines set by the Tudor company. We can look at their recommendations to determine if a watch has held its value. The closer the price of a pre-owned watch is to its retail price, the better value retention it has. 

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value Black Bay Chrono


Tudor watches aren’t like other timepieces on the market. They’re extremely popular and highly esteemed, but not to the level that Rolex watches are.  In fact, Tudor is owned by Rolex. While these are both fine Swiss made timepieces the watches with the Rolex logo will usually be more desired and hold a higher price point.

Not all Tudor watches hold the same amount of value. Some models will increase in value faster than others. More popular Tudor watch models will retain their value better than others. 

Watch Condition 

A Tudor watch needs to be in very good condition to get top dollar. An unused Tudor watch will have more value than one that’s been frequently worn and shows heavy signs of wear. 

Visible wear and tear can take some value off of a watch. However, keep in mind that watches get designed to get worn. Not many people buy a watch just to look at it. 

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value Pelagos

Which Tudor Watch Holds the Highest Amount of Value?

Tudor watches are powered by innovative design features and in-house calibers. They’re an affordable option for those looking for a luxury watch. Let’s discuss some features you should look for when considering Tudor watches. 

Smile Dial

The text at the bottom of the watch face is curved to look like a smile, especially in the Black Bay models. Your watch should be smiling at you. 

Watches that include the “smile dial” come from the brand’s initial ETA models. They’re much more sought-after than other models. 

Later Tudor models have the text in a straight line and aren’t as desirable. Black Bay watches with a smile dial are one of the best models to invest in. 

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value Black Bay Bronze

Snowflake Hands

The “snowflake” hands are a signature design of Tudor watches. This hand design was unveiled during the second generation of the Tudor Submariner watches.  

The dial includes square-shaped hour markers. The second-hand features a luminescent square detail. The unique appearance of the “snowflake” hands on vintage Tudor watches have become a defining characteristic. 

Modern Tudor watches, like the Black Bay and Pelagos, have incorporated this design. 

Pepsi Bezel 

A Pepsi Bezel is another standout feature to keep an eye out for. With a Pepsi Bezel, half of it is red and the other half is blue. There’s been a high demand for Tudor GMT models. 

Black Bay Models

The Tudor Black Bay collection is the modern-day version of the Submariner design. There are over 12 different variations of the Black Bay model.

For example, the Black Bay 58 model is one of the most popular models. It was unveiled at Baselworld in 2018. This watch is a favorite among watch collectors and enthusiasts. 

You can read our full buyer’s guide on Tudor Black bay watches here.

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