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Rolex Logo & Rolex Name: A Complete Historical Guide

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Paul Altieri
  1. Hi,

    I liked the article about Rolex and the crown.

    What are the three dot under the winding stem or stem winding?

    Thank you,

    • The three dots that appear under the Rolex coronet logo on the winding crown of some Rolex watches signifies that the winding crown assembly is of the Triplock variety with three sealed zones. Other symbols that include in this place include two dots, a horizontal line, etc. depending on the type of crown and its materials.

  2. Nice story

    Couple of questions
    1 why r Rolex watch hands always at 10/10- 10/11
    2 why is the date always 28
    3 why is the day on day date always Monday

    Please revert
    Thx Jeff

    • Hi Jeff,
      The hands being set to 10:10 is actually quite common throughout the watch industry (sometimes you will also see 10:08, 10:09, etc.) due to the fact that the hands frame the brand logo and look aesthetically pleasing. As far as the date being 28 and the day being Monday on Rolex watches, it is largely due to similar reasons (a double-digit date value would also be preferable due to the fact that it would give a better sense of what it would look like the majority of a given month). Additionally, it is likely done that way on all of Rolex’s own images for consistency reasons and to keep things simple for their design teams.

  3. Paul,

    Thanks for the great article about the Rolex logo and the Rolex name. One question: in your opinion, what is the single most valuable Rolex watch in the world – and why? I realize that the answer might be somewhat subjective, but I would love to know your opinion.


    Tim Andrews
    Williamsburg, Virginia

    • “Valuable” can mean a lot of different things, but in terms of general monetary value, the most expensive Rolex watch ever sold was Paul Newman’s very own Paul Newman Daytona, which sold for a whopping $17.8 million at an auction in 2017. Obviously, this particular example is not indicative of the general market price for an otherwise identical watch that did not belong to Paul Newman himself – and a similar case could be made for any true one-of-a-kind watch or examples that previously belonged to a famous/historic figure – they are all outliers and single floating points since no other comparable example exists for reference.
      However, not counting any one single example of a watch, probably the most valuable Rolex would be a vintage Rolex Daytona with a Paul Newman dial. Hollywood legend Paul Newman wearing his own example on a cover of a magazine and throughout much of his personal life ultimately resulted in the evolution of the vintage watch industry as we know it today. Consequently, there is no timepiece more emblematic of vintage Rolex watches than the Paul Newman Daytona, and models consistently trade hands for values north of six figures on the open market. This is not to say that Paul Newman Daytona watches are the most expensive across the board (you will find various other Rolex models that will beat some examples in flat-out monetary value), but any Paul Newman Daytona ranks among the most valuable and collectible Rolex watches of all time.