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All Aboard with the Rolesium Yacht-Master

Paul Altieri

Perfectly suited for the captain of the ship

Fashioned with pure luxury in mind, the Rolesium Rolex Yacht-Master models are the ultimate in refined sports watches. First unveiled in 1999, they enjoyed great success, especially among the jet set, and were very much in demand for their casual chic, yet ultra luxurious appeal. That year, the Rolesium Yacht-Master was made available in a trio of sizes – 40mm for gents, 29mm for ladies, and the midsize option in 35mm. Plenty of celebs were seen snapping them up, from Brad Pitt to Bruce Willis, Emeril Lagasse and champion golfer, Lorena Ochoa.

Yacht-Master 168622
A Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622 is pure luxury.

Is The Yacht-Master 168622 Unisex?

The Yacht-Master ref. 168622, the midsized 35mm model, perfect for both men and women and it is still part of the brand’s current collection. The 29mm ladies’ version has been discontinued, while the 40mm ref. 16622 has been replaced with the newer Yacht-Master ref. 116622. The beauty of the midsize option, however, is that it is well suited for both genders – a restrained, elegant size for men and an oversized dynamic look for women.

Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622
Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622 is a blend of stainless steel and platinum.


Rolesium is the term coined by Rolex – and patented in 1932 – to refer to the combination of stainless steel and platinum found on some of their watches, and on these particular Yacht-Masters, both the bezels and dials are crafted from 950 platinum. Mixing a more mainstream and rugged material like stainless steel with the noblest of all metals, platinum, is something that Rolex does best, and is one of the many aesthetic hallmarks of the Swiss brand.

Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622
Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622 is 95% platinum.

On The Surface

The platinum bidirectional bezels on the Yacht-Master features a sandblasted surface on which the raised graduated polished large numerals and the first 15-second markings sit for a very attractive contrast. The sandblasted platinum look carries onto the dial as a striking backdrop to the large lume plots and luminescent Mercedes style hands. The red seconds hand and matching red “YACHT-MASTER” label give a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic design of the watch. Powered by the Rolex proprietary Caliber 2235 automatic mechanical movement, the date aperture sits at the 3 o’clock position and naturally, it is magnified by the Cyclops lens affixed to the sapphire crystal.

Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622
The Rolesium has a sandblasted dial.

The stainless steel Oyster case of the Yacht-Master 168622 is equipped with the screw-down winding crown enforced with the Triplock system for water resistance down to 330 feet. This is half of the water resistance of a Rolex Submariner, but the Yacht-Master is probably more at home aboard the decks of a plush ship, rather than diving to the depths of the ocean anyways.

Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622
A Rolesium Yacht-Master ref. 168622 is perfect for those in the yachting industry.

Rather than a tool watch, the platinum Yacht-Master is more about a lifestyle. Its sleek style can perfectly be worn on its own, but the platinum and stainless steel piece also lends itself well to further accessorizing with additional jewelry, beads, or cords. A superb addition to your cruise collection wardrobe, the Yacht-Master 168622 is an ultra sharp luxury Rolex watch to lavish your wrist game.

Paul Altieri