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Rolex GMT II – The New “Pepsi” Watch

Paul Altieri

The hits just keep coming in Basel at the new Rolex watch unveiling, with the GMT Master II with Cerachrom “Pepsi” bezel in a white gold case and band.  This new Rolex GMT watch comes on the heels of the GMT “Black and Blue” bezel, Reference 116760.  Those in the know with Rolex brands anticipated the release of this particular timepiece and feel that this watch may be an even bigger hit with fans of the Rolex brand.

A Rolex GMT Master II with a red and blue bezel.
Crown GMT Master II 2014 (credit: Rolex)

Drink Up The Fact: Rolex GMT Master II

The truly unique thing that sets this watch apart from all others is the incredible red and blue bezel.  This ceramic, trademarked as Cerachrom, is the first material to be made in two colors.  Rolex was able to perfect this material and create a beautiful two-tone ceramic bezel that was the first of its kind.  The first Cerachrom bezel was produced in blue and black, but the blue and red process is also incredibly intricate.

new 2014 rolex gmt master ii
New 2014 Rolex GMT Master II with Pepsi Bezel (credit: Rolex)

The red color is particularly difficult to make because no stable pigment exists to make the ceramic component.  However, through some secret process, Rolex was able to cement this pigment in the Cerachrom bezel, resulting in the iconic blue and red appearance.  According to information from Rolex, the entire bezel is made in red then half is changed to a blue color by impregnating the night time section with a solution of chemical compounds then heating it to 1,600 degrees Celsius.  This gives the ceramic its resistant properties and permanently seals the colors.

2014 GMT master II pepsi bezels from Bob's Watches.
2014 GMT Master II Pepsi Bezel (credit: Rolex)

The Pepsi bezel also features engraved numerals with a fine platinum coating that enhances readability.  The white gold case is one of Rolex’s finest, and the case still measures 40 mm with a white gold Oyster bracelet featuring polished center links.  The Rolex Caliber 3186 powers this incredible watch.

Rolex GMT is one of the most well-known and well-loved of the Rolex lineup, so this watch’s enthusiastic reception at the Basel show is no surprise.  While the red and blue bezel may not be everyone’s choice, its incredible colors, combined with the beautiful black dial, white numerals and hands and oversize winding crown with crown protectors is bound to appeal to a great number of people.  This new model Rolex GMT is certain to turn heads no matter whether you wear it as a formal watch or a fairly casual piece.

Paul Altieri
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