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Rolex Pie Pan Dials

Paul Altieri

Pie pan dials — you either love them or you hate them. Just whisper the idea of a pie pan dial in our office and a contentious debate is bound to erupt between our staff, but we hope this article can bring us together. The pie pan dial lovers, that is.

It’s not a widespread trend — and obviously not a popular one, either. But for those of us who find this old-school dial even the slightest bit charming, this article is fun. Here we’ve rounded up a few vintage Rolex watches and modern designs featuring this unique dial over the years. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Rolex Pie Pan Dials
Rolex Datejust with a Pie Pan dial.

Rolex Datejust Silver Pie Pan 1601

The silver pie pan dial on this two tone Datejust is just as understated and classy as the watch itself. This vintage reference dating from 1969/1970 is an all-around stand out piece, outfitted with a dressy Jubilee bracelet and 18k gold fluted bezel — giving this typically understated watch a much more elevated feel. The pie pan dial quite literally does the same, giving the face some added dimension and further accentuating the gold hands and matching hour markers.

Rolex Pie Pan Dials
The Day-Date is a watch commonly found with a Pie Pan Dial.

Rolex President Slate Pie Pan 1803

This vintage President from the late 1970’s is oozing with the flair of the era. The entirely yellow gold timepiece — with a matching President bracelet, of course — feels just as regal as its name implies. But while you typically know what to expect from this iconic watch, we love that this one has a few stylish twists — everything from the gold inlay on the day and date to that knockout slate-gray pie pan dial with a black chapter ring. It is no wonder why the Rolex President is the modern symbol of success.

Rolex Pie Pan Dials
The Omega Globemaster is another luxury watch often found with a Pie Pan dial. (Image Credit: Omega)

Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Pie Pan

For a more modern take on the pie pan dial, we have this iconic Omega timepiece, the Globemaster. The horlogerie has worked hard to channel that effortlessly vintage vibe though, forging the 39mm case out of pink ‘Sedena’ gold and giving the classic silver face that wonderful pie pan detail. Notice how it’s quite a bit more elevated than the Rolex’s above.But don’t let that vintage flare fool you — as Omega has given the inside of this watch a serious overhaul and managed to make turn it into a Master Chronometer.

Rolex Pie Pan Dials
Here is a Rolex Friday dial with a Pie pan feature.

Rolex President Tiffany & Co. Pie Pan

There have been a lot of luxury collaborations over the years, but this Tiffany & Co. and Rolex design featuring a shimmering champagne pie pan dial is one for the books. Down at the bottom you’ll notice the Rolex Tiffany dials positioned right above 6-o’clock, and circling up and around the dial you’ll notice those old-school Tritium markers alongside vintage hands. That pie pan dial almost totally steals the show from that 18k yellow gold case with a fluted bezel and the matching President band.

Rolex Pie Pan Dials
The Omega Constellation is a watch similar to the Globemaster, but retains its own signature look. (Image Credit: Omega)

Omega Constellation Co-Axial 38mm Pie Pan

Strikingly similar to the Globemaster, Omega’s Constellation also hones in on the vintage feel with a rose gold case and handsome leather strap. But what distinguishes this watch is the brushed, Roman numeral, Sedena gold bezel that gives it a much sportier feel. Of course, this watch also features a silver ‘pie pan’ bezel that brings that effortlessly elegant feel and really accentuates the rose gold hour markers. We love how the pie pan dials on Omegas are much more distinct, and it’s really shown off well here with the Constellation.

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