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Rolex President Day-Date 36 Ultimate Guide

Paul Altieri

Although the original Rolex Day-Date from the 1950s was a man’s watch, today, it can certainly suit a woman’s wrist too—especially taking into account current watch trends. Due to the 36mm size of the Rolex President, it can be safely be labeled as a unisex luxury dress watch.

Case Size Matters: Unisex President

One of the most appealing aspects of the Rolex President is that its style is instantly recognizable, but vastly versatile too. The wide assortment of materials, bezels, bracelets, and gems, allows for an almost endless number of combinations.

Let’s explore some of these options within the current Rolex Day-Date 36 collection.

A Unisex President begins with size.
This is a platinum President with a smooth bezel.

The Rolex Day-Date 36 Materials

Similar to previous versions, the Rolex Day-Date 36 is only available in gold and platinum. No stainless steel here. There are 18k yellow gold models, 18k white gold models, and 18k Everose rose gold models. Rolex actually produces all of its own gold at their in-house foundry. Particularly noteworthy is the brand’s version of rose gold, dubbed “Everose”. Everose uses a patented Rolex formula, which gives the rosey metal its distinct look. In addition to gold, Rolex also makes its own 950 platinum.

Material typically does not matter with gender.
Depending on the material there are many variations of the Day-Date.

The Rolex Day-Date 36 Bezels

While the bezel most associated with the Rolex President is the fluted one, the current Day-Date 36 offers three types of bezels: fluted, domed, and diamond. However, the type of bezel available is contingent upon the material.

This may appeal more towards women, truly a Unisex President.
Bezels come in many different shapes and forms, this one is fitted with diamonds.

The white gold Day-Date 36 only comes with the fluted option. On the other hand, the platinum Day-Date 36 only has the domed or diamond bezel option. This is to differentiate between the two white metals that look so similar.

The Everose gold Day-Date 36 has the option of a domed or fluted bezel. And finally, the yellow gold Day-Date 36 is the most diverse, with the availability of all three bezel types.

The Rolex Day-Date 36 Bracelets

Especially interesting with the Day-Date 36 line is the different bracelet options. Of course, there’s the iconic President bracelet, initially created for the inaugural Day-Date in 1956. Not only is this semi-circular three-piece links bracelet most associated with this Rolex collection, but it also contributed to the watch’s nickname—the Rolex President.

Rolex Day-Date Tridor 18239
A Rolex Day-Date Tridor 18239 is built with a president bracelet.

For a sportier and more casual look, there’s also the option of the Oyster bracelet. But only the gold Rolex Day-Date 36 models (not the platinum ones) have the Oyster bracelet option.

Aside from the metal bracelets, wearers can also opt for a leather strap. There are many different types of straps/bracelets per watch series and the Presidents are fairly limited. Again, this is only for the gold models, and not the platinum one. The colorful versions of the Day-Date 36 leather strap models are a fresh interpretation of the classic luxury Rolex. The bright dials that correspond to the bright leathers are reminiscent of the vintage Stella dials of the 1970s.

With all of these options, it’s easy to find the perfect Rolex Day-Date 36 for his or her wrist. What’s your ideal material, bezel, and bracelet configuration?

Paul Altieri
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