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Rolex GMT Master Coke for Sale

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About the Rolex Coke

Rolex GMT Master Coke

Rolex Coke Reference Number(s):

16760, 16710

Years Rolex Coke was Produced:

1983 - 2007

Rolex Coke Nickname Origin:

By the time Rolex introduced the GMT-Master II in 1983, the red and blue bezel insert from the original GMT-Master had already earned its now-legendary "Pepsi" nickname. While the half red, half black bezel insert from the "Coke GMT" is somewhat reminiscent of a full bottle of Coca-Cola with its red and white label, the "Coke" nickname most likely came about as a response to the previously well-established "Pepsi" nickname of the original version of the GMT-Master, with its red and blue bezel insert.

Rolex Coke Celebrity Associations:

Tim Roth, Hunter S. Thompson, Lance Armstrong

Unique Features for the Rolex Coke

A half red, half black, 24-hour bezel insert with silver text - made from aluminum.

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