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Wrist Check with Alex Manos of Beverly Hills Car Club

Paul Altieri

Luxury watches and vintage cars – name a more perfect pairing.

I’ll wait… That’s what I thought.

Maybe it is the shared expression of mechanical ingenuity that allows luxury watches and cars to compliment each other so well. Or possibly it’s the inherent attention to detail that is found in both industries. Or perhaps it’s a bit of both. Regardless, the fact remains: watches and cars were simply meant to be together. And that is exactly why this episode of Wrist Check is so much fun.

Alex Manos

Wrist Check featuring Alex Manos of Beverly Hills Car Club

In this episode of Wrist Check, we head to Los Angeles to meet up with our good friend, Alex Manos of Beverly Hills Car Club. In addition to looking at some truly phenomenal vintage cars, Bob’s Watches CEO, Paul Altieri sits down with Alex to talk about grail watches, dream cars, investment pieces, and everything in between.

Alex Manos

Not familiar with our Wrist Check series? No problem at all. Our ongoing series of interviews with luxury watch enthusiasts and the stories of how they got into watches is just getting started. Visit our YouTube page to watch the previous episode and get all caught up.

Without further ado, we present to you Wrist Check featuring Alex Manos.

Paul Altieri

Paul is the company's Founder and CEO. He is responsible for all the day to day activities from purchasing, receiving, marketing and sales. Paul is a graduate of Boston College 1979 and resides in California with his family.