Everest’s First Rolex from Sir Edmund Hillary

Paul Altieri

The Top of Everest

If you are a Rolex Collector, make sure you book your flight to Geneva this November 13th for the Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex Collection on auction!  Hillary, best known being the first person to climb Mt. Everest has a variety of vintage timepieces up for auction, and trust me- these puppies are going for cheap (some are estimated to go for as much as $20,000!). The most popular item for auction is a pre owned Rolex Sir Edmund received after his infamous Everest exclusion. Hillary, an adventurer through and through; consistently explored new continents (he was the first person to trek through Antarctica in the 1950’s), concurred the impossible, and devoting much of his time to help people all over the world.

Sir Edmund Hillary Rolex
image via Luxist

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