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When a customer walks into stores such as Tiffany’s or F.A.O. Schwartz, they know the products available are of the highest quality, which makes buyers willing to pay top dollar for those products. The credibility of the store and the authenticity of the products makes the higher prices worthwhile. It is simple to use the same credibility and authenticity to sell or buy a certified pre-owned Rolex watch for the highest price possible without sacrificing convenience or security by using the luxury watch professionals at Bob’s Watches, where informed consumers can find pre-owned Rolex watches for sale at current market prices without risk.

Professional sales experts recognize the importance of assuring buyers that the pre-owned Rolex watches for sale that they are considering are authentic, valuable, and exactly what the buyer is looking for in a precision time piece. By guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of pre-owned Rolex for sale, Bob’s Watches allows individual sellers to use their credibility and their secure website to garner the highest price possible. The credibility and authenticity guaranteed by our staff of experts is what allows you to sell used Rolex watches for more. While a dealer could charge the same high price, you would then have to leave part of the sell price with the previously owned Rolex dealers who sold your watch. Instead, the difference between the buy and sell price are posted publicly. Everything is up front and open. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

How Certified Pre-owned Rolex Watches Are Sold

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Used Rolex Watches

By eliminating buyers’ fears, you can sell your certified pre owned Rolex watch for far more than you might be able to get through a newspaper or online sale or auction. By increasing your credibility, buyers feel more confident in paying more for certified Rolex watches. The steps to selling your Rolex at Bob’s Watches is fast, simple, and convenient. You simply follow these steps to be assured of the highest possible selling price for your pre-owned luxury watches:

  • Select the type and model of used Rolex you wish to sell
  • Posted under each model, you will see the current buy and sell prices
  • Click the “Sell a Rolex” button
  • Fill out the form or call 1-800-494-3708
  • Once a price range is agreed upon, we send you an insured, postage paid USPS box
  • Place your Rolex in the box and mail it back to us
  • Once it arrives and its condition is verified, you receive payment
  • You are free to cancel the transaction at any time
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Buy and Sell Prices for Rolex Submariner Watches Listed

By seeing the current prices for pre-owned Rolex watches for sale, you are assured of getting the most up to date value for your preowned Rolex. Since so many buyers are confident in our expertise and credibility, demand remains high for a wider variety of certified used Rolex watches.

How To Offer Your Pre-owned Rolex For Sale

Markets are constantly changing and timing is crucial when you are looking for the best selling (or buying) price for a  pre-owned Rolex watches. By using our real time buy and sell prices, you can track market behavior to find the best time to sell or sell. As our lives change and we mature, we often outgrow styles that suited us perfectly when we were younger. Rather than hang on to Rolex watches that no longer fit our lifestyle, outlook, or interests, replacing it with something better is easy when the prices are listed clearly and accurately, and you are sure of the authenticity of the preowned Rolex watches you are considering.

If you are looking for a replacement preowned Rolex, simply browse our current inventory of certified pre-owned Rolex watches or click on “Find Your Watches Here” and select the type and model you wish to buy and click “Buy It.” It’s that simple. Your assured, either way, of dealing only with high quality, authenticated preowned Rolex watches. If the model you want is not currently listed, we can find it for you.

To be assured of the best price on certified preowned Rolex watches of the highest quality, you are encouraged to shop around and see for yourself that that world’s first Rolex exchange, which started as a small, family owned business over 30 years ago, is still the best way to get the best price when you buy or sell a certified pre-owned Rolex watch.

At Bob’s Watches, our mission is to provide an open and reputable marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned Rolex watches safely and efficiently.  Browse our vast and ever changing inventory of previously owned Rolex wristwatches like the famous Rolex Datejust or the Submariner watches. We take great care to price all of our used Rolex watches right at market so that maximum value is delivered to both buyer and seller. All watches in our certified preowned Rolex inventory have been cleaned, buffed, polished, and restored to “like-new” condition and come with a 1 year warranty.

Trust: There are several places to buy pre-owned Rolex watches – but there is only one Bob’s Watches.  And there is a difference: Unlike most online retailers of previously owned Rolex watches, Bob’s actually carries its own inventory.  We are not “order takers” like many others so the watch you see on our website is the watch you are buying.  So feel free to request additional photos of the watch you are interested in buying.  And we stand ready behind every sale with our 3 day, unconditional money back guarantee.  Change your mind, or just don’t like the way it looks on your wrist?  No problem. Just return the watch within 3 days unworn and we will be happy to refund your money.  So don’t trust ebay or Overstock to buy such an expensive item like a Rolex watch.   Call your friends at Bob’s Watches to ensure you’ll get the best pre-owned Rolex watch experience.

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For Buyers

If you are in the market to buy used Rolex watches you need a reputable online store to help you though the process. We do everything we can to ensure the best customer support for a safe and hassle free transaction.

Bob’s Watches guarantee:

  • Your Used Rolex will be 100% authentic
  • Your transaction will be safe, convenient, and hassle free
  • You will get the best deal whether you are buying or selling a Rolex

For Sellers

Bob’s Watches guarantee:

  • You will receive immediate payment by check or wire
  • You will receive the maximum market value for your used Rolex watch

We’ve been pioneering new business developments since 1980, and continue to lead today making sure Rolex fans have a completely open marketplace where they can sell or buy previously owned Rolex wristwatches safely and efficiently.

Bob’s Watches is your source to buy and sell pre-owned Rolex watches with confidence and ease. As you peruse the website and view the wide range of used Rolex watches, you will find the buy and sell prices presented for each pre owned Rolex. This enables the customer to purchase with the confidence that the market value for used Rolex watches is current.

As time goes on, a pre owned Rolex will continue to keep its value.  There has always been a vibrant marketplace for used Rolex watches. Purchasing a second-hand Rolex watch can be an excellent way to acquire one of these fine timepieces at a reasonable price. A used Rolex watch represents high quality and status, and owners of Rolex watches preserve them well to keep them like new. Bob’s pre owned Rolex watches are authentic, and in great wearable condition.

Due to the high enthusiast demand for watches, such as pre-owned Rolex Presidents, pre-owned Rolex Datejusts and pre-owned Submariners timepieces, Bob’s is always interested in purchasing fine watches as well as collections. You can always depend on Bob’s Watches for prompt and confidential transactions.

A Rolex watch is a precision instrument and an extension of the wearer. It is a statement about who you are when you slip it on in the morning. Purchasing a pre owned Rolex watch has always been an investment as well as an acquisition. It is a way to treat yourself well, and like a piece of fine jewelry, a way to acquire a timeless item of value to last a lifetime.

Customers seeking to purchase that one special watch, as well as collectors, dealers and investors buying many Rolex watches, can always count on Bob’s Watches for an extensive selection of luxury timepieces.

Bob’s experienced staff offers the finest selection of  luxury watches. They pride themselves in the quality and fabulous selection of fine watches and jewelry we offer. Plus, their selection is constantly growing, giving our customers one of the finest selections of major luxury brands and models available in the world.

After our pre owned Rolex staff carefully examines all of our previously owned timepieces to as like-new condition as possible they value the Rolex’s worth. In addition, our watch staff certifies and authenticates all timepieces before they purchase them for inventory.

Bob’s has built a flawless reputation based on the quality of previously owned luxury watches for sale and the personal service we provide to our customers.

Every watch Bob’s sells is guaranteed to be authentic and has been inspected at the highest of standards. That guarantee has given Bob’s Watches a first-rate reputation in the Rolex pre-owned watches industry as well as with the most avid watch enthusiasts. For more information about Pre Owned Rolex please call 800-494-3708.