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What is The Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange?

Paul Altieri

Bob’s Watches is the world’s only pre-owned Rolex Exchange where you can buy, sell, and trade watches at fair market prices all on the internet. We display both buy and sell prices. Therefore, our customers proudly know that they are some of the best prices on the internet. Unlike other Rolex buyers and sellers, we do not mask our prices behind clock and mirrors.

The Only Rolex Exchange

We display a buy and sell price for every watch we have in stock. Additionally, we will quickly give quotes on any watch that we do not have in stock. At Bob’s Watches, we run on the thinnest margins possible and this is evident through the difference between our buy and sell prices.

Keeping a keen eye on the buy and sell prices help us give you the best.
The Rolex Exchange is similar to NYSE. (Credit: BizChat)

Now you may be asking yourself what exactly is a “pre-owned Rolex Exchange“? That is a fair question because this is a new concept for the Rolex industry. In fact, this idea is very common throughout our world both online and in industry. The most common representation of the “Exchange” concept is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Stocks are traded, sold, and bought every day and the demand for certain stocks sets their buy and sell value. This is what we hope to do with the Rolex industry. We allow people to buy, sell, and trade Rolex watches and we set our prices based on what the demand for that particular watch is so our prices are always fair even in economic difficulties.

We give each Rolex the care that it needs throughout the whole Rolex Exchange process.
Each watch is made sure that they are 100% genuine before putting them on our site.

As a pre-owned Rolex Exchange, we run on very thin margins so the price we buy a Rolex for and how much we sell that very same Rolex for are very close. This allows the average consumer to get the most out of their money. They can buy a watch from us and sell it back to us for a minimal net loss. This allows the normal man to own a Rolex watch and wear it with pride knowing they got the best price.

The Catch

We’ve had many customers ask us “What’s the catch?” or “What’s the secret behind all of this?” mostly because our prices are the best they’ve ever seen. There is no catch, there is no gimmick, and there is no secret. We are an exchange and the prices you see are market prices, they are fair prices, they are the lowest prices. We are committed to giving customers the best possible user experience and part of that is providing the best prices. This is why we have engineered this concept of a pre-owned exchange for Rolex watches. We know this will give our customers the most for their money and the opportunity to save money for other important things.

Paul Altieri
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