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Paul Altieri

For over a century, the Rolex brand has been creating some of the world’s most luxurious and coveted watches. Their timepieces are known for their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, and their Mother of Pearl watches are some of their most beautiful and sought-after creations.

Mother of pearl has a natural, lustrous quality and adds a touch of elegance and luxury, making it very popular for jewelry and watchmaking. When used for watchmaking, it is cut into thin slices and then applied to the watch’s dial or face. The result is a stunning, shimmering dial that catches the light and sparkles like no other.

Mother of Pearl Rolex Daytona White Gold

Rolex is a leading watch brand that expertly uses mother of pearl in their watches. Buying a Rolex watch from the Mother of Pearl collection can be challenging at times. They use only the most exemplary quality mother of pearl for their watch dials.

They guarantee that their mother-of-pearl dials are never artificially colored. So much work goes into preserving their original color and accentuating their natural beauty. When light hits a mother-of-pearl dial, it reflects off the iridescent surface and creates a play of light and color. This is what makes a mother-of-pearl Rolex so special and unique.

No two watches are ever alike because each mother-of-pearl dial is entirely one-of-a-kind. Every Rolex Mother of Pearl watch is truly a work of art. Rolex has made an impressive selection of mother-of-pearl watches over the years. Some of their most popular models include the Datejust, Day-Date, and Daytona.

The Staple Rolex Watch: Datejust

The traditional Datejust model is Rolex’s signature model and is world-renowned for its precision, reliability, self-winding feature, and waterproof chronometer.

A Timeless Classic

The Rolex Datejust is a timeless classic, and it has been in production since 1945 and is one of the most iconic Rolex models ever made. While many different iterations and variations of the Datejust have been released over the years, its overall timeless design makes it one of the most recognizable watches ever made.

Flexible Aesthetics

One of the best things about Datejust is its versatility. This Rolex model comes in various styles, sizes, and materials. You can find the Datejust on Oystersteel, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and also with a mother-of-pearl dial.

Self-winding Movement

The Datejust was the first Rolex watch to feature a self-winding movement. This means that the natural movements of your wrist power it, and it winds itself as you move your wrist throughout the day.

Date Window

The Datejust was the first self-winding wristwatch to feature a date window. And it is this innovative feature that makes the Datejust so unique. At the 3 o’clock position, a small window displays the current date. This was a groundbreaking feature when the watch was first released and is now a standard feature on most watches.

Mother of Pearl Rolex Datejust Jubilee Yellow Gold

Collection of Rolex Datejust Watches with Mother of Pearl Dial

Rolex offers a stunning collection of Datejust watches with mother-of-pearl dials, including:

Datejust 31

The Datejust 31 is an elegant watch that is perfect for slim wrists. It features a 31mm case with Oystersteel, white gold, yellow gold, Everose gold, or a combination. You can view some of the 2020 Datejust 31 relases here.

You have a variety of dials to choose from: from the classic colored dials to the sophisticated mother-of-pearl dials to the modern Azzurro blue floral motif set dials.

The bracelet comes in Oyster or Jubilee, and the bezel can be domed, fluted, or diamond-set. The Datejust 31 is perfect for everyday wear.

Datejust 36

The Datejust 36 is the classic size for this iconic watch. It shares all the same features as the Datejust 31 but with a slightly bigger 36mm case size.

The Datejust 36 is available in all the same materials, bracelets, and bezels as the Datejust 31. The dials range from the timeless colored set to the elegant mother of pearl to the stylish aubergine and floral motif set. Read the full Datejust 36 buying guide here.

Datejust 41

The Datejust 41 is the newest and biggest version of the Datejust. It features a 41mm case and is available in all the same materials and bracelets as the other two models. The bezels can be domed or fluted.

The dials come in various colors and styles, including solid-colored sets like mint green and Azzurro blue, mother of pearl, and fluted motif sets.

The Datejust 41 is perfect for those who want a more oversized watch but still want the classic elegance of the Datejust. We have a full Datejust 41 buying guide here.

Mother of Pearl Rolex Day-Date President White Gold

The Presidential Rolex: Day-Date 36

The Day-date 36 is arguably the most distinguished quintessential Rolex watch. First introduced in 1956, the Day-date was the first watch to feature both the day of the week and the date on the dial that simultaneously changes at the strike of midnight.

It is available in 36mm and 40mm case sizes in Oystersteel, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. The dials come in a variety of colors, including mother of pearl. The Day-date is the perfect watch for those who want to make a statement.

The “Presidential” Bracelet

The Day-date is often referred to as the “Presidential” because it has been worn by many US Presidents and other influential people. The bracelet that is most commonly associated with the Day-date is the President bracelet. The bracelet was designed specifically for the Day-date and featured a three-piece link design with a concealed Crownclasp.

The Watch That Speaks Your Language

One of the unique features of the Day-date is that it is available with various dials that display the day and date in 26 different languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, and more. So, no matter where you are in the world, the Day-date will always speak your language. It brings a cultural element to the watch that is unlike any other.

Mother of Pearl Rolex Daytona Two-Tone

The Speedster’s Rolex: Cosmograph Daytona

The Daytona is Rolex’s answer to the luxury sports watch. First introduced in 1963, the Daytona was designed for race car drivers with its chronograph function that allows you to time laps. The Daytona quickly gained popularity among both racers and non-racers alike.

Tachymetric Scale

One of the most iconic features of the Daytona is its tachymetric scale on the bezel. This is used to calculate the average speed over a given distance and is an essential timing tool for race car drivers.

Calibre 4130

The Daytona is powered by Rolex’s in-house calibre 4130 self-winding mechanical movement. This movement is highly accurate and reliable, making it the perfect engine for a luxury sports watch.

The Winner’s Watch

The Daytona has a long association with racing and is often referred to as the “winner’s watch.” This is because this watch is a prize given to the winner of the 24-hour Daytona race. The watch has become so iconic that even non-racers want to get their hands on one.

Paul Altieri
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