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Vintage of the Week: Rolex Day-Date President Reference 1811

March 31, 2015

BY Paul Altieri


The Rolex Day-Date is among the companys most luxurious and sought after vintage watches. Originally released in 1955, this classic watch features an automatic movement as well as dial displays for both the day and the date. Made of yellow gold, the Day-Date has long been known as the Rolex “President,” named after President Eisenhower who famously wore what is now considered a vintage yellow gold Rolex Day-Date every day. Many other presidents, world leaders and successful business men also sport the watch, leaving it to become associated with immense power and success.

A President 1811 on a leather strap shows that it doesn't need a bracelet.

A Vintage Rolex 1811 for the serious collectors.

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Feeling Presidental With This Rolex President 1811

The Rolex Day-Date President ref 1811 features automatic winding technology and a 31 jewel movement. The dial is usually a matching gold though has been known to be black, blue and even an oxblood (dark red) lacquer. No matter the dial color, the watch features yellow gold baton markers and minute, hour and second hands. Some versions of ref 1811 take the unique look a step further by featuring a Florentine or Moiré finish that is nicknamed “bark” because of its unique texture. The texture covers the bezel and continues down the center of the watch’s gold band. This unique look is highly prized and sought after by serious vintage Rolex collectors.

back side rolex president 1811

The Back Side Rolex President 1811 is from any engraving.

Because of its association with power and success, the Rolex President has become one of the most sought after Rolex watch models ever made. The watch’s large size creates prominence on the wrist and is perfect for showing your confidence in a board room or even on the golf course. Though made of precious metals, the Rolex President is durable and made to withstand a variety of outdoor adventures, including swimming. If you want a vintage Rolex that is unique yet classic, the Rolex Day-Date President ref 1811 can offer you a range of unique options from colored dials to textured bezels and bracelets.

Mens Rolex Day-Date 1811

This is a men’s Rolex Day-Date 1811, but many ladies love to wear it.





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