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What Is the Most Worn Rolex Watch?

Paul Altieri

While we can’t realistically track which Rolex is worn the most, we can make some estimations as far as which model is most popular. The tricky part is that Rolex doesn’t release any sort of production numbers or sales figures; so, we can only go by trusted industry estimations and our own sales data. With its remarkably long history and wealth of available sizes, the Datejust is the best-selling Rolex watch of all time and a popular favorite among men and women alike. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Datejust is the Rolex watch that is getting worn the most by all Rolex owners.

What Is the Most Worn Rolex Watch? Lady-Datejust Two-Tone
The Datejust is the best-selling Rolex watch of all time.

Many Rolex owners have more than one watch, so the sheer quantity of a specific model in existence may not correlate with the frequency of wear. Rolex watches – particularly their sports models – have been experiencing a tremendous surge of popularity in recent years. Although certain models like the Daytona or GMT-Master will claim the top spot at various points throughout the year, the Submariner is a time-honored classic, and the Rolex watch that you most often see on people’s wrists out in the real world.

With that in mind, despite its widespread popularity, it is primarily men that gravitate towards the Submariner, while a greater percentage of our female customers typically prefer more traditionally-styled models – specifically the Lady-Datejust (at least going by our sales data). It’s also important to point out that since both the Submariner and Datejust have been around for decades, they have left a long trail of vintage and discontinued models, increasing their availability on the secondary market, and thus the likelihood that they end up getting worn on someone’s wrist.

What Is the Most Worn Rolex Watch?
Many of Rolex’s most famous watch collections have been around for decades.

Most Worn Men’s Watch: Rolex Submariner

Most Worn Rolex Watches Submariner 116610 Black Stainless Steel

First released in 1953, the Rolex Submariner was created to be the ultimate diving watch, with modern examples offering water resistance of up to 1,000 feet, a rotating timing bezel, and an easy to read dial. More than half a century later, the Submariner is a cultural icon and worn by countless individuals, regardless of whether or not they scuba dive. The love for this watch resides in its versatility, from its black, blue and (beloved) green bezels to the variety of alloys (904L stainless steel, 18k gold, and two-tone). The fact that it was featured on the wrist of Sean Connery in the original James Bond movies (and on the wrists countless other celebrities) certainly helps too.

Over the years, this watch has seen a lot of upgrades, but today’s modern watches feature resilient Cerachrom (ceramic) bezels, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, screw-down case backs, and Triplock winding crowns for maximum water resistance. You’ll also always recognize those famous circular and rectangular lume plots, as well as the iconic Mercedes hands on the Submariner.


Most Worn Women’s Watch: Rolex Lady Datejust

Most Worn Rolex Watches Lady-Datejust 279173 28mm two-tone

The Rolex Lady Datejust has the same classic features of the men’s Datejust – including the date and waterproof Oyster case – in a petite and equally elegant 28mm design. Like its male counterpart, the Lady Datejust was built to be a timeless watch for daily wear. Available in a variety of designs, from 18k gold with diamond hour markers to understated yet durable stainless steel, there is a Lady Datejust to suit almost every possible aesthetic preference.

Even greater degrees of customization can be made to this watch with the bracelet, available in the classic Oyster design and the dressier five-link Jubilee with concealed clasp. However, unlike the standard-sized Datejust, the Lady Datejust is also available with the elegant, semi-circular linked President bracelet. Although, this premium bracelet option is only available on solid 18k gold and platinum options.

The timeless design – as well as ample design choices for all tastes – is what has most likely propelled the Lady Datejust to the most popular women’s Rolex watch. Additionally, the 28mm size sits well on smaller wrists and the waterproof Oyster case allows it to never have to be taken off. Which is great – because that automatic movement inside runs on the power of wrist movement. Regardless of whether you opt for a Submariner or Datejust, both watches are some of the best everyday watches imaginable, which is precisely why they rank among the most worn Rolex watches every year.

Most Worn Rolex Watches Submariner Date 116610
What Rolex watch do you wear the most?
Paul Altieri
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