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Rolex Datejust 41 – What is the Most Popular Model?

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Paul Altieri

The Rolex Datejust has been one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable watches since its release back in 1945. Its simple but elegant aesthetic beautifully pairs form and functionality, giving wearers a timeless look alongside handy features like 100 meters of water resistance and an automatically-changing date mechanism.

Although the Datejust has always been a fan-favorite and remains Rolex’s best-selling watch of all time, as the years went on, its classic 36mm sizing wasn’t fitting everyone’s needs or preferences. As the market continued to embrace oversized watches, introducing a larger Rolex Datejust became a natural next step.

Most Popular Rolex Datejust 41mm model 126334 Rhodium Dial Jubilee Bracelet White Gold

Datejust Fast Facts:

– First introduced in 1945.

– Rolex’s best-selling watch of all time.

– Released to celebrate Rolex’s 40th anniversary.

– First self-winding chronometer wristwatch to indicate the date through a window on the dial.

– Available in a wide variety of different sizes (26mm – 41mm).

– Rolex’s most diverse collection of watches.

– Worn by countless world leaders and celebrities.

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Rolex Datejust Watch

A Larger Rolex Datejust

In 2009, Rolex released a 41mm version of the Datejust known as the Datejust II, and while this satisfied the public’s demand for a larger model, the increase in size also changed the watch’s overall proportions. In 2016, Rolex discontinued the Datejust II and replaced it with a different 41mm model (known as the Datejust 41), which kept the larger case diameter but restored the classic proportions of the collection for a more refined look and feel.

Datejust 41

Since then, the Rolex Datejust 41 has seen incredible success. It is a beautiful, slightly larger version of the original timepiece that retains all of the hallmark traits of the classic Datejust while still being a thoroughly modern luxury watch. While it is obviously bigger than the classic 36mm model, the size isn’t overbearing, making it a great choice for both men and women who want something larger and with more wrist-presence.

Today there is a range of different Rolex Datejust 41 models, ranging from two-tone stainless steel and Everose gold references to your classic full stainless steel models. There’s even a version with a mother of pearl dial and diamond hour markers that’s a totally striking and luxurious take on this modern classic. However, there is one particular version of the larger Rolex Datejust that has experienced a significant degree of popularity among collectors, and that’s the White Rolesor Datejust 41 in Oystersteel and white gold.

Rolex Datejust 41 Most Popular Model 126334 Diamond Dial Oyster Bracelet

Rolex Datejust 41 – Oystersteel and White Gold Fluted Bezel

The stainless steel and white gold Rolex 126334 Datejust 41 reference is the perfect example of a modern classic, featuring all of the wonderful features you know and love about the Datejust collection with just the right amount of contemporary infusion to make this model seem fresh and new.

What gives this watch its contemporary look and feel – and what inevitably attracts so many people to it – is the White Rolesor construction. “Rolesor” is a term coined by Rolex that refers to the combination of high-grade stainless steel and 18k gold on a single watch. In this case, Oystersteel (the brand’s special 904L stainless steel) and 18k white gold are used, giving the watch a monochromatic appearance that is effortlessly cool and entirely contemporary.

White Rolesor Rolex Datejust 41mm Most Popular 126334 Jubilee Bracelet Stainless steel

While the case and bracelet are constructed from steel, the iconic fluted bezel is crafted from solid 18k white gold, which only further draws attention to this already eye-catching feature. The Rolex Datejust 126334 is also available with the option of the brand’s five-link Jubilee bracelet (originally designed specifically for the launch of the Datejust collection in 1945), which provides it a very elegant and refined look, despite being forged out of durable stainless steel. It’s this combination of form and functionality that defines the Datejust, the white gold adding just enough luxury while the stainless steel makes it the perfect companion for everyday wear.

Finally, there’s the dial. Offered with the option of white, black, silver, blue or rhodium gray, the classicly-styled dial finishes off this modern-day Datejust 41, and all dial colors work equally well with its monochromatic White Rolesor construction. Regardless of dial color, all ref. 126334 Datejust watches are subtle enough to wear on the weekends while being dressy enough for that important pitch meeting or special dinner date.

Like other modern Rolex watches, both the hands and hour markers on the Rolex Datejust 41 ref. 126334 are constructed from solid 18k white gold, which not only shines brightly and matches the fluted bezel but also completely resists tarnish and oxidation. Additionally, hour marker options include lume-filled stick indexes, Roman Numerals, or diamonds, all of which perfectly compliment the Datejust collection’s signature date window at three o’clock that sits under the brand’s trademark Cyclops magnification lens.

White Gold Rolex Datejust 41mm Most Popular 126334 Silver Dial Jubilee Bracelet Oystersteel
Paul Altieri
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