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Rolex as Both Fashion Statement and Investment

Paul Altieri


Rolex Fashion
Rolex and fashion go hand in hand.

Searching for a Rolex watch and see it both as a fashion/life statement and an investment? When shopping for a Rolex watch, experts tend to agree that you should look at it as an investment.

Cam Newton is both a watch enthusiast and a fashionista.
Cam Newton wearing the platinum Yacht-Master II ref. 116689

Value in the Material

With today’s economic trends precious metals go a long way. Diamonds and other stones are becoming more valuable each day. A Rolex watch is a great investment since it is not as volatile as raw materials. With gold prices now over $1800, silver around $40 and platinum over $1800, one can see the value of a Rolex developed with top quality precious metals. Whether your watch is a pre-owned Rolex or other luxurious brands, or a new watch, you can own it for years and still gain top dollar by selling.

In searching for the idea Rolex to meet your needs and making a powerful investment, it would be a good idea to choose a watch with a gold or platinum band. Both metals are predicted to rise in value over the coming months, thus it is wise to stick with new or used Rolex Datejust with a yellow gold or steel & white gold band.

Rolex Fashion
This Rolex watch is purely gold. These watches are great for fashionable people.

Another great investment is a new or pre-owned Rolex Submariner with a yellow gold or white gold band. The Submariner Date is idea for those who enjoy sporty elegance and high functionality. Diving up to 660 feet under the sea is acceptable to this much loved Rolex!



The top investment of above all watches is a new or used Rolex Presidential watch. You can choose from a variety of materials for the Rolex President. Some come as 18k Rose gold with a diamond dial, Gold Day-Date and more.  It is quite amazing as to how the President’s value holds. For instance, a Pre-owned Men’s Rolex President with 18k Gold and Diamond Dial can be sold to a dealer for $15,000 and higher!

Your search for the first or next new or used Rolex watch can be tough. We suggest you make sure that you look at it from an investment standpoint. Choose a model that that holds its value throughout the years.

If by chance you are in the market to sell Rolex, now is the perfect time with precious metals as all-time highs. Selling is quite easy in today’s market, just make sure you find a dealer you trust!

Paul Altieri