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Ladies Rolex

Used Ladies Rolex

See our vast selection of pre-owned Rolex watches for women on sale. Each watch has been carefully priced at market to ensure the best value to our customers. So if you are shopping for a luxury watch for women, you have arrived at one of the best place to buy a Rolex. To view our entire selection of pre-owned models please visit our used Rolex watches page.

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Women's Pearlmaster Go To Top

Ladies Rolex Pearlmaster 80318 Diamonds

Rolex Pearlmaster Ladies Diamond Bezel Model 80318
29MM 18k Yellow Gold, B&P(2007)

  • $14,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex Pearlmaster 80318 Diamond

Rolex Pearlmaster White Model 80318, Diamond Bezel
29MM 18k Yellow Gold, B&P

  • $14,495Buy
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Ladies Rolex Pearlmaster 80299 Diamonds

Rolex Pearlmaster Mother of Pearl Diamond Model 80299
29MM, 18k White Gold, B&P (2001)

  • $21,495Buy
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Rolex Pearlmaster 80339

Rolex Pearlmaster Model 80339 Diamond Dial & Bezel
29MM 18k White Gold, B&P

  • $19,995Buy
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Women's DateJust Go To Top

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 77080 Midsize

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Black Index & Arabic Model 77080
31MM Stainless Steel, B&P (2001)

  • $6,495Buy
  • $1,800 Sell

Women's Rolex Datejust 69173 Champagne

Rolex Datejust Champagne Model 69173, Fluted Bezel
26MM Gold & Steel Jubilee (1995)

  • $3,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex President 69178 Champagne Dial

Rolex President Champagne Dial Model 69178
26MM 18k Gold, Rolex Box (1985)

  • $7,995Buy
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Rolex Ladies President 69178

Rolex President Womens Champagne Model 69178
26MM 18k Yellow Gold (1989)

  • $7,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex Datejust 179174 Diamond Jubilee

Rolex Datejust Silver Jubilee Diamond Model 179174
26MM Stainless Steel, B&P (2008)

  • $6,995Buy
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Rolex Datejust 79173 Slate Diamond Dial

Rolex Datejust Slate Diamond Dial Model 79173
26MM 18k Gold & Steel, B&P (2002)

  • $7,295Buy
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Pre Owned Rolex Datejust 279174 Silver Roman Dial

Rolex Datejust Roman Model 279174, Oyster Band
28MM Stainless Steel, B&P (2020)

  • $9,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex Datejust 79173 Diamond Dial

Rolex Datejust Champagne Diamond Model 79173
26MM Stainless Steel & Gold (2002)

  • $6,995Buy
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Rolex Datejust 279160 Dark Rhodium Dial

Rolex Datejust Rhodium Model 279160, Oyster Band
28MM Stainless Steel, B&P (2021)

  • $7,595Buy
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Women's President Go To Top

Rolex President 6916 Champagne Dial

Rolex President Champagne Index Dial Model 6916
26MM 18k Yellow Gold (1979)

  • $7,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex President 179178 Diamond Dial

Rolex President Champagne Diamond Model 179178
26MM 18k Yellow Gold, B&P (2007)

  • $14,495Buy
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Rolex Ladies President 69178 Champagne

Rolex President Champagne Model 69178, Fluted Bezel
26MM 18k Yellow Gold (1996)

  • $7,995Buy
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Rolex President 79178 Champagne Diamond Dial

Rolex President Champagne Diamond Model 79178
26MM 18k Yellow Gold, B&P (2000)

  • $12,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex President 69178 Black Jubilee Dial

Rolex President Black Jubilee Arabic Model 69178
36MM 18k Yellow Gold, B&P (1989)

  • $8,595Buy
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Lady Rolex President 179158 Yellow gold

Rolex President Champagne Diamond Model 179158
26MM 18k Gold, Rolex Box (2006)

  • $16,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex Datejust President 69178 Diamonds

Rolex President Ladies Black Diamond Model 69178
26MM 18k Yellow Gold, B&P (1990)

  • $8,995Buy
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Diamond Rolex Ladies President 179159

Rolex President Diamond Dial & Bezel Model 179159
18k White Gold Presidential (2001)

  • $19,995Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Rolex Ladies Datejust 69178 President

Rolex President Ladies Champagne Model 69178
26MM 18k President, B&P (1987)

  • $8,595Buy
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Women's Yacht-Master Go To Top

Rolex Yacht-Master 168622

Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum Bezel & Dial Model 168622
35MM Steel Oyster, B&P (2000)

  • $8,595Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Ladies Rolex 29mm Yacht-Master 169622

Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum Dial & Bezel Model 169622
29MM Steel Band, Rolex Box (1999)

  • $5,995Buy
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Rolex Yacht-Master 35MM 168622 Platinum

Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum Dial & Bezel Model 168622
35MM Steel Case, Rolex Box (2005)

  • $8,195Buy
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Rolex Yacht-Master 169622 Stainless Steel and Platinum

Rolex Yacht-Master Ladies Platinum Model 169622
29MM Steel, Rolex Papers (2006)

  • $6,595Buy
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Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master 169622 Platinum

Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum Dial & Bezel Model 169622
29MM Stainless Steel, B&P (2002)

  • $6,995Buy
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Ladies Yacht-Master Rolex 169622

Rolex Yacht-Master Ladies Platinum Model 169622
29MM Stainless Steel, B&P (1999)

  • $6,795Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Rolex Yachtmaster Ladies 169622 stainless steel

Rolex Yacht-Master Ladies Platinum Dial Model 169622
29MM Stainless Steel, B&P (2006)

  • $6,995Buy
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Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 White Dial

Rolex Yacht-Master White Model 69623, Oyster Band
26MM Gold & Steel, Rolex Box (1998)

  • $6,995Buy
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Rolex Yacht-Master 169623 Champagne

Rolex Yacht-Master Champagne Oyster Model 169623
29MM 18k Gold & Steel, B&P (1999)

  • $7,595Buy
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Women's Women's Dress Watches Go To Top

Ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetual 76193

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ladies Silver Diamond Model 76193
24MM Two Tone Jubilee , B&P (2005)

  • $5,995Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Rolex Ladies Cocktail Watch

Rolex Cocktail Silver Index Dial, Diamond Bezel
14MM 14k Yellow Gold Mesh Band

  • $3,195Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetual 176200 Stainless Steel

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pink Model 176200, Smooth Bezel
26MM Stainless Steel, B&P (2020)

  • $5,295Buy
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Rolex Lady Cocktail Watch Gold

Rolex Cocktail White Arabic & Index Dial
15MM 14k Yellow Gold, Circa 1950

  • $2,295Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Rolex Cellini 6681

Rolex Cellini Diamond Bezel, Pink Model 6681
31MM White Gold, Rolex Box (1999)

  • $6,995Buy
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Women's Vintage Go To Top

Rolex Cocktail Yellow Gold

Rolex Cocktail Champagne Diamond Model 8374
17MM Yellow Gold Mesh Band (1955)

  • $3,195Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Ladies Rolex Cocktail Chameleon Yellow Gold

Rolex Cocktail Chameleon Strap Model 8789
15MM 14k Yellow Gold, B&P

  • $1,495Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Ladies Rolex Cocktail Chameleon

Rolex Cocktail Ladies Chameleon Strap Cocktail
15MM 14k Yellow Gold, Circa 1950s

  • $1,995Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Ladies Rolex Cocktail 18k Yellow Gold

Rolex Cocktail Champagne Linen Dial Model 9132
31MM 14k Yellow Gold (1956)

  • $2,995Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Rolex Lady Cocktail Watch Gold

Rolex Cocktail White Arabic & Index Dial
15MM 14k Yellow Gold, Circa 1950

  • $2,295Buy
  • Get Quote Sell

Rolex Ladies Datejust Model 6917

Rolex Datejust Rare Oxblood Dial Model 6917
26MM 18k Gold, Rolex Box (1974)

  • $9,995Buy
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This page contains information about:

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When searching for luxury watches for women, there is no better brand than Rolex. Built to the highest possible standards and constructed from only the very best materials, Rolex watches for women are built to last a lifetime. These iconic timepieces are celebrated throughout the world for their refined and feminine designs, and they exude style, professionalism, and a classic yet fashionable aesthetic that is always on-trend.

Furthermore, unlike luxury watches for women from other brands, which typically run on battery-operated quartz movements and offer lower water-resistance ratings, Rolex ladies' watches are powered by chronometer-certified automatic mechanical movements and provide optimal water-resistance - just like the men's models. Simply put, there are no shortcuts when it comes to women's Rolex watches. Our industry-leading selection of pre-owned ladies Rolex watches ensures that there is something for everyone.

How much is a Ladies Rolex?

Model Retail Price Second-Hand Price Size Material
Oyster Perpetual 5,000 USD From $2,695 31mm Stainless steel
Lady-Datejust President 25,650 USD From $5,595 26mm or 28mm Yellow gold
Date 7,650 USD From $5,050 34mm Stainless steel and white gold
Datejust 9,650 USD From $6,595 31mm Yellow gold and stainless steel
Datejust 7,050 USD From $3,195 36mm Stainless steel
Day-Date  33,150 USD From $8,895  36mm  Yellow gold
Yacht-Master  23,250 USD From $16,495  37mm  Everose gold
Daytona 36,650 USD From $23,995 40mm Yellow Gold
Pearlmaster 40,000 USD From $18,495 29mm White gold and diamonds

Ladies' Rolex Watch Pricing Information

Factors such as age, condition, materials, and demand all have an impact on the price of a ladies Rolex watch, and the presence of diamonds or other precious gemstones can also significantly impact resale value, both at retail and on the secondary market.

At retail, the cheapest ladies’ Rolex watch is the Oyster Perpetual 26 in full stainless steel, priced at $4,850. However, it is not uncommon to find pre-owned ladies' Rolex watches in the $2,000 to $3,000 range, especially for older models from collections such as the Datejust and Oyster Perpetual.


Rolex Ladies' Datejust Models

The Rolex Lady-Datejust is easily one of the most recognizable timepieces in the world. Designed as a modern timepiece with traditional charm, this aesthetically pleasing wristwatch is a keeper for anyone looking to start or expand their collection. Some of the new modern and used vintage references include the following:

  • 178273
  • 69178
  • 69008
  • 6827
  • 69278
  • 168623
  • 68623
  • 69623
  • 69178
  • 69008
  • 6827
  • 69278
  • 68273

Rolex first introduced the Lady-Datejust in 1957 as a smaller and more feminine edition of the men's Datejust watch that had debuted over a decade earlier in 1945. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Rolex Lady-Datejust included a waterproof case, a fluted bezel, a date window at 3 o'clock magnified by a Cyclops lens, and an automatic movement inside the watch. Since then, women's Rolex Datejust watches went on to become some of the best-selling models (some say the highest-selling) in the brand's entire catalog.

It's important to note that the Lady-Datejust is a sub-collection within the greater Datejust line-up. For decades, Rolex offered the Lady-Datejust with a 26mm case. However, in 2015, Rolex phased out the 26mm case and replaced it with a slightly larger 28mm case.

Along with the Rolex Lady-Datejust models, the mid-size Datejust 31 is typically classified as a women's Rolex watch too. Additionally, there are plenty of women who opt to wear the Datejust 36 (which has traditionally been marketed to men). Remember that irrespective of the size, all Rolex Datejust watches provide the same fundamental design functionality across all models. For those looking to shop by dress watches be sure to browse our womens Rolex dress watches page.

Popular Rolex Datejust Models for Women:

  • Lady-Datejust 26 (discontinued)
  • Lady-Datejust 28
  • Datejust 31
  • Datejust 36

The Lady-Datejust 26, Lady-Datejust 28, and Datejust 31 watches are the only Rolex models outside of the Day-Date collection that offer the option of the famous President bracelet. As a result, these models are often referred to as the Rolex Lady-President watches and are exclusively crafted from precious metals (either solid 18k gold or 950 platinum).

Rolex Datejust watches for women are available in a wide assortment of styles. Material options include stainless steel, full 18k gold (yellow, white, and Everose gold), two-tone steel and gold, and even solid platinum. Bracelet styles include the sporty three-link Oyster, the dressy five-link Jubilee, and the ultra-luxurious three-link President. Bezels can range from simple domed and fluted to lavish gem-set, providing buyers with an immense range of options. There are also the various diamond Rolex Datejust watches for women, with gem-setting options on bezels, cases, dials, bracelets, or all of the above.

The Rolex Lady-Datejust is a true icon among women's watches and one of the most famous ladies models of all time. The combination of a classic Rolex watch design coupled with countless variations to cater to all different tastes has allowed the Datejust to become one of the most popular ladies’ luxury watches ever made.

Rolex Ladies' Date Models

In addition to the Datejust, Rolex also makes the Date watch, featuring an identical dial layout with a trio of hands at the center for timekeeping and a date window at 3 o'clock. In the past, Rolex used to offer three sizes of the Date watch: the ladies' Date with a 26mm case, the midsize Date with a 31mm case, and the men’s Date with a 34mm case. There were also numerous variations in regards to materials, bezels, and dials.

Today, however, Rolex only makes the Date with a 34mm case and an Oyster bracelet. Material choices include a full stainless steel model with a smooth bezel or a stainless steel model topped with an 18k white gold fluted bezel (White Rolesor). The current-production Rolex Date watches are ideally sized for both men and women, and they are a popular option for those looking for understated Rolex watches.

Rolex Ladies' Oyster Perpetual Models

For a simpler take on a classic Rolex watch, there are the ladies' Oyster Perpetual watches, characterized by time-only dials and self-winding automatic movements. While there are two-tone (steel and gold) and full gold vintage versions of the ladies' Oyster Perpetual, today’s models are exclusively made from stainless steel.

Current-production Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are available in a range of sizes, all fitted with stainless steel cases that are water-resistant to 100 meters, smooth bezels, stainless steel Oyster bracelets, and COSC-certified automatic movements. The three-hander OP dials come in an assortment of colors from classic neutral shades to vibrant shades of blue, pink, and purple.

Popular Oyster Perpetual Models for Women:

  • Oyster Perpetual 26
  • Oyster Perpetual 31
  • Oyster Perpetual 34
  • Oyster Perpetual 26

Rolex Ladies' Yacht-Master Models

The Yacht-Master collection is the only Rolex sports watch collection with models designed specifically for women. Originally launched in the early 1990s, the nautical-inspired Rolex Yacht-Master features 100-meter water resistant Oyster cases, bidirectional rotating timing bezels graduated to 60-minutes, and dials with a date window at Rolex's signature 3 o'clock location.

During the first two decades of the Rolex Yacht-Master's history, there were three sizes available, 40mm, 35mm, and 29mm - with the latter two typically marketed towards women. All the watches came with Oyster bracelets. The ladies' 29mm and midsize 35mm Yacht-Master watches were offered in full yellow gold, two-tone yellow gold and steel, and a combination of stainless steel and platinum that Rolex calls Rolesium. There were also a handful of gem-set dials to choose from with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies serving as hour markers.

In the mid-2010s, Rolex updated the Yacht-Master collection. First, the brand discontinued the 29mm and 35mm editions and replaced it with the Yacht-Master 37 for women. Second, Rolex no longer makes Yacht-Master models in yellow gold or two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel.

Instead, Rolex added Everose gold versions (the brand's proprietary rose gold alloy) to the lineup including a Yacht-Master 37 in Everose gold with a black Oysterflex bracelet (the brand's proprietary rubber strap with an interior metal blade) as well as a two-tone Everose gold and steel Yacht-Master 37 with a matching Oyster bracelet. There are also Rolesium versions of the ladies' Yacht-Master 37 model available, which feature stainless steel cases with solid platinum bezels.

Popular Yacht-Master Models for Women:

  • Yacht-Master 29 in yellow gold, two-tone yellow gold and steel, and Rolesium (discontinued)
  • Yacht-Master 35 in yellow gold, two-tone yellow gold and steel, and Rolesium (discontinued)
  • Yacht-Master 37 in Everose gold, two-tone Everose gold and steel, and Rolesium

Rolex Ladies' Pearlmaster Models

In 1992, Rolex unveiled a new watch model specifically for ladies dubbed the Pearlmaster. Billed as a jewelry watch collection, Rolex Pearlmaster models are exclusively fashioned from either 18k gold or platinum and always include diamonds.

It's worth mentioning that the dials of Rolex Pearlmaster watches have "DATEJUST" written on them since they have a date window at 3 o'clock. However, this particular ladies' Rolex watch model takes its name from the Pearlmaster bracelet, characterized by rounded five-piece links, which is exclusively fitted to Rolex's jewelry-oriented collection of watches.

While Rolex previously offered 29mm versions of the Pearlmaster women's watch, those have been discontinued in favor of Pearlmaster 34 and Pearlmaster 39 models. With that in mind, the 29mm version still remains incredibly popular among women on the secondary market.

Rolex Ladies' Day-Date Models

Since its inception in 1956 as the first watch to include the date and the day written out in full on the dial, Rolex has marketed the Day-Date watch primarily to male customers. However, this has certainly not stopped women from wearing the famed Day-Date President watch. The 36mm size of the watch is perfectly suited to many women's wrists and the prestigious appeal of the Day-Date is universal, regardless of gender.

No doubt Rolex noticed this long-established trend and at Baselworld 2019, the brand unveiled some new Day-Date 36 models with plenty of feminine design touches such as colorful dials and generous gem-setting treatments. Although Rolex never explicitly stated that these are ladies’ Day-Date watches, the designs speak for themselves and there are unquestionably plenty of women that opt for the Day-Date as their go-to ladies' Rolex watch.

Rolex Ladies' Daytona Models

Similarly, the Daytona chronograph was first designed as a man’s watch and is currently only offered with a case diameter of 40mm. However, in the 2000s, Rolex introduced a line of white gold Daytona watches with colorful dials and matching exotic leather straps, directly marketed towards women. Nicknamed the Rolex Daytona "Beach" watches, these vibrant models were offered in pink, yellow, turquoise, and green colorways.

Aside from these now-discontinued special edition models, Rolex Daytona chronographs in general, whether in steel, gold, or two-tone, are a popular choice for women who want a sporty luxury watch, and Rolex still offers a number of different Daytona models that are aimed specifically at women.


Ladies Rolex Watch Materials

Rolex watches for women are available in a range of different metals. Current-production models use the following materials.

  • Oystersteel: A type of 904L stainless steel Rolex uses
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • 18k White Gold
  • 18k Everose Gold: Rolex’s proprietary rose gold alloy
  • 950 Platinum
  • Yellow Rolesor: two-tone combination of yellow gold and steel on a Rolex
  • White Rolesor: the combination of white gold and steel on a Rolex
  • Everose Rolesor: two-tone combination of Everose gold and steel on a Rolex
  • Rolesium: the combination of platinum and steel on a Rolex

Two Tone Features

Two tone ladies Datejust watches are truly a signature for the brands line of Oyster Perpetual watches. Since the early 1930s, Rolex has been creating these two-tone timeless pieces with great success as they can be easily paired with all types of jewelry.

Dials on a Ladies Rolex

From diamond studded dials, to an array of colors such as blue, pink, gold, silver, champagne, black and white. Rolex has meticulously crafted each bezel with finely carved metals (gold, platinum, and stainless steel), gemstones, and intricate finishing.

Ladies Rolex Bracelets

Rolex makes all of its bracelet styles in smaller sizes to accommodate the smaller cases of its ladies’ watches. If you're looking for variety, ladies Rolex bracelets have you covered. Variations include the Oyster bracelet, President, Jubilee, Pearlmaster, and leather bands. Many have given great reviews for these unique bracelets.

  • Oyster bracelet: flat three-piece links
  • Jubilee bracelet: semi-circular five-piece links
  • President bracelet: semi-circular three-piece links (only made in gold or platinum)
  • Pearlmaster bracelet: rounded five-piece links (only made in gold or platinum)
  • Oysterflex bracelet: metal inner blade coated in black rubber


Additionally, Rolex has a collection of in-house automatic movements specifically made to fit inside ladies' and midsize cases. Despite their smaller sizes, these womens' Rolex movements promise the exact same timekeeping specifications as their full-size counterparts.

Each watch is fitted with a self-winding mechanical movement that is a certified Swiss chronometer. This is one of the highest designations for timepieces that have passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Furthermore, all modern ladies' Rolex movements boast ‘Superlative Chronometer’ status, which means that they have passed even more stringent standards than those outlined by COSC tolerances.

  • Caliber 2236 (Time and Date): Lady-Datejust 28, Yacht-Master 37, Pearlmaster 29
  • Caliber 2235 (Time and Date): Lady-Datejust 26, Datejust 31, Pearlmaster 34, Yacht-Master 35, Yacht-Master 29
  • Caliber 2231 (Time Only): Oyster Perpetual 26, Oyster Perpetual 31


It comes as no surprise that Rolex watches are popular among female celebrities. The most famous female celebrity watch collector is Ellen DeGeneres, who owns a vast collection of Rolex watches including both modern and vintage pieces, with some models that are typically considered men’s watches. Other famous women that wear Rolex watches include:

  • Rihanna – Two-Tone Datejust
  • Jennifer Aniston – Yellow Gold Day-Date
  • Victoria Beckham – Everose Gold Daytona
  • Elle McPherson – Yellow Gold Daytona
  • Jessica Simpson – Yellow Gold Day-Date
  • Kylie Jenner – Stainless Steel Datejust
  • Olivia Palermo – White Gold Daytona
  • Selena Gomez – Everose Gold Day-Date
  • Vanessa Laine Bryant – Leopard Daytona
  • Kris Jenner – Rainbow Daytona
  • Porsha Williams – Stainless Steel Datejust
  • Madonna – Everose Gold Day-Date
  • Jennifer Lopez – White Gold Datejust
  • Sofia Vergara – Diamond Datejust
  • Sandra Bullock – Steel Daytona
  • Priyanka Chopra – Two-Tone Daytona
  • Lindsey Vonn – Pearlmaster
  • Mirka Federer – Everose Gold Yacht-Master


Ladies Rolex watches are some of the most popular timepieces on the luxury market, often outselling the men’s range in many categories. Rolex recently expanded the Yacht-Master series to include a sleek, mid-size edition aimed at female clientele in the form of the ref. 268622 in Rolesium, the ref. 268655 in striking Everose gold, and the ref. 268621 in two-tone Everose Rolesor. With surging popularity among women to wear larger Rolex watches, the Yacht-Master 37 has been well-received.

Ever since it hit the market in the 1950s, the Lady-Datejust has always been on-trend. Many discontinued references, such as the steel and white gold ref. 79174 and steel and yellow gold ref. 69173, continue to draw collectors of all budgets and generations, the newer-model Lady-Datejust 28 is also incredibly popular. Trending references include the classic Oystersteel ref. 279160, ref. 279161 in Oystersteel and Everose gold, and the ref. 279174 in timeless Oystersteel and white gold.


What is the difference between men’s and ladies’ Rolex watches?

  • In general, the only difference between men’s and ladies’ Rolex watches is the size. Women’s models typically have smaller cases and slimmer bracelets. Other than that, Rolex watches for men and women in the Datejust, Date, Oyster Perpetual, and Yacht-Master collections offer the same exact functionality.

What is the cheapest ladies’ Rolex watch?

  • The cheapest ladies’ Rolex watch is the Oyster Perpetual 26 in full stainless steel. While the current-production versions of the ladies’ OP 26 are priced over $4,000 at retail, similar pre-owned versions can be picked up at a significant discount on the secondary market.

Are ladies’ Rolex watches mechanical or quartz?

  • While Rolex previously manufactured quartz watches and manual-winding models, all of the watches that Rolex manufactures today run on chronometer-certified (COSC) in-house made automatic movements - including ladies’ watches. However, when shopping for pre-owned Rolex watches, you may come across some quartz-powered ladies’ watches from older Rolex Cellini models. There are also some vintage Rolex cocktail watches that run on manual-winding movements.

Do all ladies’ Rolex watches have diamonds?

  • Although many Rolex watches for women have diamond embellishments on their cases, dials, bezels, and bracelets, there are also plenty of models that do not. Only Pearlmaster watches always include diamonds, while other Rolex collections offer the option of diamonds.

Are there vintage Rolex watches for women?

  • Yes, absolutely! Rolex has been making watches for women ever since the company was founded in 1905. Therefore, there are plenty of ladies’ vintage Rolex watches available in a wide variety of materials and styles.

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