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Hailey Bieber Spotted in Her Favorite Gold Rolex Watch

Paul Altieri

Women wearing gold Rolex watches isn’t a new trend. In fact, Rolex has been producing women’s watches for decades now, such as the Lady-Datejust and the Ladies Oyster Perpetual. Trending among modern women are larger models, including any mid-size model along with pretty much any watch from the men’s side of the collection. Rolex even revamped the Lady-Datejust recently to feature a slightly larger 28mm case to reflect this shift in trends, and it is an ultra luxurious version of this watch – known as the Rolex Lady-President – that is the model of choice for Hailey Bieber.

What Type of Rolex Does Hailey Bieber Wear?

Watch enthusiasts are buzzing over a photo posted by Hailey Bieber on social media earlier this week. In the photo, she is sporting what appears to be a gorgeous 18k yellow gold and diamond Rolex Lady-President Datejust on her wrist while on vacation with her husband, Justin Bieber.


The watch itself is a fashion-forward statement piece, which pairs perfectly with the gold necklaces draped around her neck (by Anita Ko and Fallon Jewelry), chunky gold hoop earrings, and her timeless diamond wedding ring. Her daring cut-out dress by Cult Gaia is the perfect choice to pair with what appears to be her favorite Rolex watch.

Mrs. Bieber also gave her followers a glimpse of the iconic gold Datejust in other posts this past spring and summer. In fact, if you scroll back through her Instagram account, you can even spot this timeless and luxurious Rolex Lady-President popping up in photos that were posted over a year ago, so it seems that this one is definitely one of Hailey Bieber personal favorites.

The Rolex Datejust 28 ‘Lady-President’ ref. 279138

Hailey Bieber’s Rolex is what appears to be a reference 279138 Ladies Datejust 28 on a Presidential bracelet (formally listed as the ref. 279138RBR). The watch features a 28mm case for a larger yet still feminine appearance on the wrist. It also features a diamond-set bezel and the brand’s beloved President bracelet with semi-circular links. The watch is waterproof up to 100 meters and is powered by a self-winding cal. 2236 movement with a Syloxi hairspring.

Like other Rolex Datejust models, the watch features an automatically changing date mechanism at the 3 o’clock position, and Hailey Bieber’s personal model appears to be fitted with a silver-colored dial with diamond hour markers.

The ref. 279138 is a luxurious take on the classic Rolex Lady-Datejust, yet it remains timeless and appeals to collectors of all generations. Additionally, while it’s praised for being singularly reliable, many also choose the Datejust in solid gold for its stylish aesthetic and position as a symbol of status and power.

How to Add Hailey Bieber’s Rolex to your Collection

Hailey Bieber Favorite Gold Rolex Watch 179138 Diamond Bezel
Opting for the older 26mm version of Hailey Bieber’s watch will save you a significant amount of money.
  • Model: Ladies Rolex 279138 18K Presidential (Diamonds)
     Case Size: 28MM
     Water-Resistance: 100 Meters/ 330 feet
     Movement: Self-Winding Cal. 2236 Movement with a Syloxi Hairspring
     Water-Resistance: 100 Meters/ 330 feet
     Power Reserve: Around 72 hours
     Material:  18Ct Yellow Gold
     Crystal: Sapphire Crystal (Scratch Resistant)
     Dial: White Dial set with Diamonds
     Dial function:  Start and Stop Function for accurate timing within 1/8 of a second.
     Bezel: Diamond Set Bezel
     Bracelet: 18K Yellow Gold Presidential Bracelet
     Clasp:  Folding downclasp (concealed)

Read the history of Gold Ladies Rolex Watches

Womens Rolex President

The ref. 279138 is part of the most recent generation of the iconic Rolex Lady-President, and one in the exact same configuration as Hailey Bieber’s personal watch will come with an official retail price of $36,200. With that in mind, savings can often be found on the pre-owned market, and examples from the previous 26mm generation of the Lady-President will also be significantly more affordable.

The ref. 179138 is the 26mm predecessor to Hailey Bieber’s Rolex watch, and just like her personal favorite, it features a diamond-set bezel and a solid 18k yellow gold case and bracelet. While the two watches are quite similar, the price difference will be significant. Additionally, should you choose to skip the diamond bezel and just have a diamond-set dial (the ref. 179178), you can find them for just slightly over $10k on the secondary market.

Hailey Bieber Gold Rolex Watch 179178 Diamond Dial

Older versions of Hailey Bieber’s watch without diamond bezels can be found for around $10k.lder 26mm models such as the Rolex Lady President Datejust ref. 69178 and ref. 79178, along with the vintage reference 6917 are even more affordable and can be found for as little as $5,000. Despite being a fraction of the price of Hailey Bieber’s Rolex, these older Lady-President watches still offer 18k gold cases and bracelets. It may seem financially out of reach to own a watch similar to Hailey Bieber’s favorite gold Datejust, but there are actually many affordable options available – you just need to know where to look!

Hailey Bieber Gold Rolex President 79178
Skip the diamonds and go for an older generation, and you can have a Rolex Lady-President for as little as $5k!

Womens Rolex 179138

What Watches Do Top Women Celebrities Wear?

As an in-demand, high-fashion model herself, it comes as no surprise that she chooses to wear the beloved Datejust on her wrist. And she is in great company too, with some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies accessorizing with variations of this icon, such as Jennifer Aniston, Rhianna, and Kim Kardashian (just to name a few). Justin Bieber is a watch enthusiast himself, with an extensive collection that includes several Rolexes and, recently, an all-gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. He purchased the impressive watch to celebrate the couple’s wedding last September.

Paul Altieri