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How Much Are Omega Watches?

Paul Altieri

If you love timepieces as much as we do, you likely want to learn as much as you can about the brands that have the best value and longevity. The watches industry is valued at $39 billion today, offering collectors a breadth of brand options including both new and pre-owned Omega watches, which focus on style and character. This Swiss watchhouse has been around since the 1800s and remains one of the strongest in the industry today.

How much is Omega worth as a brand in the grand scheme? We have answers to this and more in the guide below.

The Omega watch brand is synonymous with luxury, but the watches have also been used functionally throughout history. The British Royal Flying Corps issued these watches for their fighter pilots in 1917. The following year, the United States Army used these watches, and NASA first used Omega watches in 1969 on the Apollo 11 mission.

Additionally, for nearly 100 years, Omega watches have been the official sponsor for track and field, swimming, and other competitive events. These are just some of the reasons why the brand has stood the test of time for so long, and why the pricing can vary drastically from watch to watch.

If you’re in the market for an Omega watch, you might be wondering, “How much is Omega worth? We have answers to this and more in this comprehensive guide.

How Much Is an Omega Watch?

How Much Is an Omega Watch?

The first Omega workshop came out in 1848 and the tradition continues today. It’s a watch house that focuses on precision, art, and craftsmanship, with performance that collectors love and appreciate.

Whether you’re shopping for Omega watches for women, men, or unisex options, we recommend that you start by creating a budget so that you know which collections and models will suit your lifestyle. Overall, Omega has several watch models that come in different price ranges, from $3,000 to more than $12,000. The price will vary for both new and pre-owned models depending on several factors like material, movement, and exclusivity just to name a few.

How Much Is an Omega Watch

Omega 2023 Pricing Guide

So, how much do Omega watches cost in 2023? You’ll have options to choose between whether you’re looking for affordable Omega watches or the upper-tier options that cost more.

Using this guide, you’ll be able to break down watches based on categories and features, and find exact matches based on watch reference numbers. Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind when researching Omega watch prices:

  • The watch market consists of several different models, from brand-new ones to those sold by second-hand watch dealers. Make sure you know what you’re buying, and research the condition and authenticity of any pre-owned timepiece.
  • When you’re shopping with different watchmakers and jewelers, you can search for watches by reference number. Consider the features of each model and use reference numbers to find what you’re looking for.
  • While you’re comparing your options, keep in mind that Omega watches come in a variety of colors and materials. Many are made with stainless steel, and you can also shop for different styles, just such as diver watches, chronographs, field watches, or dress watches that you can wear daily to the office. All of these criteria can impact the price of an Omega watch.
How Much Is an Omega Watch

Ready to start your search for the perfect Omega watch? Here are some of the watch models and corresponding prices to keep on your list:

Omega Speedmaster Professional

How Much Is an Omega Watch Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is a classic watch introduced by the company in 1957. This iconic timepiece ranks highly on the list of holy grail watches for collectors because it was worn in space in 1962, and worn on the moon in 1969 – hence why the Speedmaster is also dubbed the “Moon Watch.”

Since then, a lot of Speedmaster offerings have been released with this movement, including the Omega Speedmaster Professional. The Omega Speedmaster costs about $3,495-$10,995 depending on the model.

The classic Speedmaster Professional is a stainless steel timepiece with a 42mm case, and features a folder clasp and a Hesalite crystal case.

Additionally, it’s a manually winding timepiece with multiple methods of keeping time, including a sub-dial for seconds and a 12-hour recorder. This stylish timepiece is the watch of choice for a lot of professionals. It’s a timeless watch that people of all ages and preferences wear to keep time and dress up their wardrobe.

To understand some of the price fluctuations in the list below, we recommend researching the reference numbers. Different features, materials, and specifications cause prices to vary. Some of the most common model numbers and prices to consider for the Omega Speedmaster Professional include:

  • Ref. 311. $4,795-$4,995
  • Ref. 310. $4,675-$5,200
  • Ref. 310. $4,995
  • Ref. 311. $4,999-$6,999
  • Ref. 310. $6,900
  • Ref. 310. $6,195
  • Ref. 310. $37,900
  • Ref. 310. $49,400

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

How Much Is an Omega Watch Seamaster

Many collectors are all about their diver watches. The Omega Seamaster 300m watch is an excellent timepiece to consider as you research Omega watch value.

This watch is 42mm and features scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The Omega Seamaster watch collection also features a rich, colorful bezel and a clear date window.

Released to the market in 1948, it was originally released as a dress watch that had water-resistant capability. Today, the watch comes with a stainless steel case and improved water resistance with its 300m release.

The Omega Seamaster bracelet comes with five links and is one of the most iconic watch releases ever for collectors. It really gained appeal and relevance when Pierce Brosnan wore it while playing James Bond in Goldeneye in 1995.

It’s a durable watch with anti-magnetic watch movements and a built-in decompression system. This timepiece also features a screw-in crown, which adds to the water resistance.

Omega Seamasters retail between $3,995 and $12,295 depending on the model. The watch features a transparent case back and comes with a blue dial. It’s a sleek and stylish watch that you’ll appreciate for its character and appeal.

  • Ref. $5,100
  • Ref. $5,400
  • Ref. $7,300
  • Ref. $7,995
  • Ref. $11,200
  • Ref. $13,200
  • Ref. $26,000

Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph

How Much Is an Omega Watch Seamaster Chronograph

The Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph also comes in a variety of other models. This watch was released in 1993, and has been a staple among collectors ever since.

The chronograph version of this timepiece also features a stopwatch, a 44mm bezel, and a Master Chronometer Certification. Plus, you can choose between rubber bracelets and metal options with multiple links.

Omega Seamaster Chronographs start at around $3,995. When you consider the various options available, start with some of these watch reference numbers:

  • Ref. $7,500
  • Ref. $5,995
  • Ref. $10,700
  • Ref. $14,400
  • Ref. $21,000

Omega Planet Ocean 600m

How Much Is an Omega Watch Planet Ocean

The Omega Planet Ocean 600m is a newer, more high-tech version of their diver watch. It doubles the water-resistance of the original 300m diver, and features modern sensibilities that look great in casual or formal settings.

The case sizes range between 39.5mm and 43.5mm. Omega put some finishing touches on this watch that also increase value, including Ceragold and Liquid metal materials. It’s highlighted by a bezel and hands that illuminate in the dark. This is helpful since you can take it deeper underwater than other divers.

Additionally, this entire Omega Planet Ocean collection has been put through a series of Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) certified tests that prove it features the best performance and accuracy.

These flagship watches cost as much as $12,295 depending on the type. It’s a certified watch that boasts master chronometer movements and an impressive design in multiple color schemes.

The watch comes in a variety of bracelets, from rubber to stainless steel to different types of gold. Certain watch models come with a stylish leather strap that makes it an ideal dress or formal watch.

  • Ref. $6,295
  • Ref. $6,450
  • Ref. $6,500
  • Ref. $4,895
  • Ref. $6,550
  • Ref. $6,550
  • Ref. $6,995
  • Ref. $8,000
  • Ref. $8,300
  • Ref. $8,450
  • Ref. $6,995
  • Ref. $8,450
  • Ref. $8,800
  • Ref. $12,295
  • Ref. $26,900
  • Ref. $25,900

Omega Seamaster 300

How Much Is an Omega Watch Seamaster 300

Many watch lovers also appreciate the Omega Seamaster 300 model with Co‑Axial Master Chronometer. The case diameter of this watch model spans 41mm, and the watch weighs about 85 grams.

Most are stainless steel options that also feature water resistance up to 300m. The water resistance is aided by a screw-in crown so that it’s more durable and less likely to have water damage.

This Omega Seamaster is also built with sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistant, which adds to the longevity and durability. There are a variety of strap types, from metal bracelets to leather straps.

The straps connect via a pin buckle, and this watch is useful for casual or dressy occasions.

Some of the watch reference numbers that you might check out include:

  • Ref. $6,150
  • Ref. $6,150
  • Ref. $6,500
  • Ref. $6,395
  • Ref. $5,300
  • Ref. $7,595
  • Ref. $7,499
  • Ref. $12,100
  • Ref. $8,459
  • Ref. $9,590
  • Ref. $15,000
  • Ref. $36,300
  • Ref. $26,330
  • Ref. $32,490
  • Ref. $44,300
  • Ref. $66,000

Omega Aqua Terra 150

How Much Is an Omega Watch Aqua Terra

Looking into the gents selection of these watches lets you know why it is so heralded. It is a sleek and distinguished timepiece made with nothing but high-quality materials. It offers the versatility that you need if you’re someone who loves collecting different special editions.

For example, the World timer edition of the Omega Aqua Terra watch features a world map in the middle and dark blue and teal color scheme. The Ultra Lite Edition is not just lighter and smaller, but also a minimalist watch lover’s dream.

The standard Aqua Terra 150m Edition also comes in a plethora of color schemes, including Atlantic blue, terracotta, saffron, lavender, sandstone, lagoon green, sea green, City Blue, and shell pink.

These watches feature 55 hours of reserved power and are completely self-winding. They tick at 3,8 hertz frequency, and are powerfully resistant to magnetic fields. These watches get high marks for their shock resistance, magnetic resistance, and they are made with the highest level of Swiss precision.

With these varieties, you get so many different strap options to choose from. If you’d like to keep the watch casual, the rubber variety of the bracelet could be what you need. It also comes in stainless steel, white gold, and rose gold bracelet and case options, which you can browse by visiting the full collection of Omega Aqua Terra watches.

Here are some reference numbers and prices to know about:

  • Ref. $5,500
  • Ref. $4,500
  • Ref. $4,383
  • Ref. $5,500
  • Ref. $4,795
  • Ref. $5,700
  • Ref. $5,700
  • Ref. $4,225
  • Ref. $5,700
  • Ref. $5,700
  • Ref. $5,700
  • Ref. $8,700
  • Ref. $8,900
  • Ref. $9,100
  • Ref. $11,600
  • Ref. $19,400
  • Ref. $34,300
  • Ref. $42,300

Omega Constellation

How Much Is an Omega Watch Constellation

The elegantly crafted Omega Constellation watch is yet another popular offering, it is a luxury dress watch that was first brought to the market in 1952. This watch features some of the best mechanics you’ll see from a chronometer watch of its kind.

This timepiece is the spiritual successor to the Omega Century, which was released in 1948 to honor the watch house’s 100-year anniversary. Many of the movements and elements of the Omega century were used in the full production version of the Omega Constellation a few years later.

The Omega Constellation’s movement broke records upon its release and has some features that details and celebrate the history of this watchmaker.

This release has become one of the most coveted for watch collectors that appreciate the Omega brand. It features elements such as half moons and beautifully engraved roman numerals.

This timepiece features several case sizes including 27mm, 39mm, and 41mm. It comes in a variety of color schemes for the different styles you may prefer, and it is resistant to magnetism so that you can get the ideal performance that you can come to expect from Omega.

These watches generally come in a solid metal or leather bracelet options. The Omega Constellation ranges in price depending on the materials and popularity of the model. You will pay more or less for the price depending on the design, style, and the materials that the watch is made from.

Here are some watch reference numbers and prices to consider:

  • Ref.
  • Ref.
  • Ref.
  • Ref.
  • Ref.
  • Ref.
  • Ref.
  • Ref.

Omega Globemaster

How Much Is an Omega Watch Globemaster

The Omega Globemaster is a fairly new watch that has a long-standing tradition in the timepiece community. It’s a watch that was released for the first time in the 1950s. The Omega Constellation was originally sold under the name Globemaster due to an intellectual liberty dispute.

Watchmakers in the United States were introduced to these watches until Omega stopped using the name in 1956.

Omega brought back the Globemaster name in 2015. It’s a master chronometer watch that comes in sizes between 39mm and 41mm. These watches also vary greatly in price, with some starting at $8,000 and others as much as $53,000.

The watch features an annual calendar with a date window at the top of the six hands, and the face comes in a variety of colors, from white to different shades of blue, burgundy, and more. The watch weighs about 174 grams, with 50m water resistance and 21.15mm between lugs.

Aside from a historical nod or two, the Omega Globemaster bears little resemblance to the Omega Constellation. It’s a high-end luxury watch with brilliant, minimalist features. The main selling point is that it features an incredibly advanced watch movement that has been tested for precision. It is highly resistant to magnetism and has quality scratch resistance.

Here are some watch reference numbers to consider:

  • Ref. $6,900
  • Ref. $7,200
  • Ref. $8,600
  • Ref. $9,200
  • Ref. $9,200
  • Ref. $11,400
  • Ref. $12,100
  • Ref. $5,995
  • Ref. $22,500
  • Ref. $14,565
  • Ref. $26,900

Omega Speedmaster ’57

How Much Is an Omega Watch Speedmaster 57

This Flagship offering allows you to enjoy the original design and appeal of the Omega Speedmaster that was released in 1957. It harkens back to the old Speedmaster era while featuring modern touches in technology and durability. The size of the Speedmaster ‘;57 ranges between 38.6mm and 41.5mm.

It also varies in price between $8,000 and $38,000 depending on the design and materials. It’s a chronograph watch featuring a big window at the sixth hand. The case is made from stainless steel for most models, and it has 50m of water resistance.

The Speedmaster ’57 re-release model also comes with anti-magnetic capability and will turn heads with the many different style details it has. Some of these nuances include a sundial for small seconds near the 9-clock hand, and both 12-hour and 60-minute chronographs.

You will appreciate the anti-reflective coating and, the scratch-resistant sapphire, too. As a nice touch, this watch also has the engraved title “Speedmaster ’57” included.

It’s a treat for anyone who loves the history of timepieces, and will give you the chance to appreciate the watch in any setting that works for you. You’ll appreciate the style and sophistication, along with the functionality that people come to expect from today’s Omega watches – especially such a flagship offering like the original Speedmaster.

Here are some of the watch reference numbers to consider after reading our ultimate buying guide for the Omega Speedmaster ‘57:

  • Ref. 331. $6,250
  • Ref. 331. $9,000
  • Ref. 331. $6,048
  • Ref. 331. $6,795
  • Ref. 331. $15,000
  • Ref. 331. $15,000
  • Ref. 331. $36,000
  • Ref. 331. $38,000

Omega Speedmaster Dark/Grey Side Of The Moon

How Much Is an Omega Watch Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

In keeping with the tradition of the Moon Watch, Omega released the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon and “Grey Side of the Moon” varieties. It’s a stylish homage to the watch that was originally worn on the Apollo 8 space mission.

As such, you will appreciate the many details that this chronograph brings.

The dark version is all black with different colored hands and other features depending on which model you decide to purchase. It’s a special edition watch that ranges in price from $10,000 to $25,000.

It features black oxide ceramic, a 44.25mm case, a 48-hour power reserve, and a manual wind movement that creates a mystique that watch lovers appreciate. This watch is reminiscent of the moon’s surface and has been a holy grail watch since its release about 10 years ago. 

On the other hand, the Grey Side of the Moon is a timepiece that also pays homage to space and NASA. Rather than the all-black appeal of the Dark Side of the Moon version, this timepiece features gray colors similar to the moon.

No matter which side of the moon you prefer, you can shop around with the following watch reference numbers:

  • Ref. 311. $8,458
  • Ref. 311. $12,000
  • Ref. 311. $12,000
  • Ref. 311. $13,600
  • Ref. 311. $15,000
  • Ref. 311. $15,600

Omega Railmaster

How Much Is an Omega Watch Railmaster

1957 was a great year in the watch world because the Omega Railmaster is yet another classic that was released during this timeframe. It harkens back to an older time since these watches were specifically intended for people working in railroad jobs.

People who were engineers, electricians, and other jobs on the railroad were able to keep the time with accuracy thanks to this stylish watch.

The watch is highly functional because even though the original release had anti-magnetic capabilities. It is resistant to electric currents and features simple, bold, stylish features that are easy to see in all conditions.

This watch is the face of practicality for the Omega brand. Today’s offering features some loom so that you can see the hands in various conditions. It featured a revamped and revised release in 2003, in addition to subsequent releases in 2016 and other years.

The Swiss watch has 40mm cases on the upper tier, in addition to cases as small as 38mm.

It is a coaxial master chronometer with a steel case and weighs an ever-so-light 83 grams.

Here are some of the watch reference numbers to consider if you’d like to buy an Omega Railmaster:

  • Ref. $4,900
  • Ref. $5,200
  • Ref. $5,200
  • Ref. $5,200
  • Ref. $5,750

Omega Ploprof

How Much Is an Omega Watch Ploprof

The Omega Seamaster Ploprof is the ultimate when it comes to water-resistant diver watches. It features a hard case, and 1,200 m of water resistance, making it a true diver watch for aquatic professionals. It is the second coming of the line of Omega watches released in the 70s that featured 600m of water resistance, which still doubles the water-resistance of most divers today.

This is a timepiece that was re-released in 2016, and is now made with a titanium case, which adds to the water resistance. It even features a helium escape valve, along with a crystal clear face that lets you see the time even if you’re underwater in a wetsuit. The price range for these watches varies between $13,000 and $18,000.

It features a heavy-duty, large 48mm case, a coaxial Master chronometer technology, and some of the best movements that you will see in any watch.

It’s a great watch for someone who isn’t satisfied with the typical diver watch, and instead wants one that will be resistant in virtually all aquatic situations.

If you’re interested in this piece, check out our ultimate buying guide for the Omega Ploprof. Here are some of the main watch reference numbers that you should consider when you’re thinking about shopping for this piece:

  • Ref. $12,600
  • Ref. $12,600
  • Ref. $13,800
  • Ref. $13,800
  • Ref. $13,375
How Much Is an Omega Watch

Frequently Asked Questions About Omega Timepieces

Now that you understand more about some of the most successful, popular, and reliable Omega timepieces ever created, you will have a starting point once it’s time to shop around.

Many of these offerings come in both men’s and women’s varieties, and you will love the legitimate history and craftsmanship that they bring to watch collectors. If you still need help shopping around, here are 10 Frequently Asked Questions that will help:

1. How much does a new Omega cost?

This is a question that first boils down to the type of model that you’re thinking about purchasing.

There’s something for just about every price range, but since it’s one of the top luxury brands in the world, you will generally pay at least a few thousand dollars for even entry-level models.

A new Omega watch will cost you about $4,000 on the low end and more than $20,000 on the high end.

2. Is Omega worth the price?

Watches have stood the test of time since the 1800s because they are reliable and always made with the highest standards.

The company sets the tone in the industry by creating new norms and breaking records. If you want a timepiece that is going to hold its value for the next several years, and even appreciate in value throughout your lifetime, Omega is always a quality brand to invest in.

3. Is Omega the same as Rolex?

Omega and Rolex are two different watch brands. They share some similarities since both are luxury brands, and both are housed in Switzerland. Both have long-standing traditions in the watch industry and have been around for more than 100 years.

Omega has been around longer, and will hit the 200-year market in the next decade and a half. Further, both of these brands are supremely trusted among watch lovers, and are renowned for their luxury, high value, and sheer ability to turn heads when people see them on your wrist.

4. Why is Omega cheaper than Rolex?

There are a lot of things that go into why watches have certain price values. In terms of craftsmanship, Omega and Rolex are absolutely on par with each other. However, Rolex watches fetch a higher price, largely because of having more name recognition.

Rolex is the first watch that most people think of when they’re trying to purchase a quality luxury timepiece that is worth a lot of money. Omega watches hold similar value, but you won’t pay as much in general.

Another reason that Rolex watches tend to be more expensive is that they are fully mechanical in their movements, while Omega watches feature a combination of both mechanical and quartz movements.

How Much Is an Omega Watch

5. Is Omega a luxury watch brand?

Yes! Omega is a luxury watch brand that you’ll often find in upscale malls and shopping areas. You will generally see the Omega brand sold alongside Rolexes and other renowned watch brands.

Whether you’re purchasing a dress watch made from precious metals and featuring diamonds, or daily wear watches that are more functional than showy, they are all still considered luxury watches under the Omega timepiece banner.

6. How can you tell a fake Omega?

You always need to make sure you know the difference between authentic and counterfeit Omega watches. Since it is a luxury watch brand, you can expect there to be a huge market for fake Omega watches.

Start by checking the watch reference number and the serial numbers to make sure that they match up with the type of Omega watch you purchased. Omega watches generally feature seven to eight different digits. You’ll be able to look these timepieces up in a database so that you can verify their authenticity.

7. Are old Omegas valuable?

Half the fun of collecting Omega watches is that they tend to hold a lot of value over several years. Many watch collectors look into old watch releases so that they have an item that is rare and going to continue growing in value.

Make sure that you get the watch appraised and authenticated so that you know that what you’re buying is legitimate and that it is a watch that will keep appreciating in value. Check into the condition and whether or not the watch needs to be fixed or revamped at any point.

There is a huge market for second-hand Omega watches from years prior, so take the time to figure out which models are the best for what you’re looking for.

8. What is Omega known for?

The word “quality” is synonymous with Omega watches because they are known for high-quality materials and precision. The watch house sticks to the best standards and will allow you to keep time, and impress watch collectors and casual observers alike.

Another thing that Omega has going for it is its unmistakable amount of history. Going on 200 years in the game, it is legitimately one of the oldest watchmakers on the planet of its class and caliber.

The watches are also made to catch the eye. They feature different unique color combinations and are made with materials that will also let you know that you’re wearing something of value.

The company has also had plenty of excellent marketing over the years, as it is synonymous with major events and brands. These watches have been worn by James Bond in movies, have long been the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, and have been a favorite of NASA.

At the same time, the watch continues to hold up to rigorous testing and scrutiny, so the quality of the watch matches the branding.

9. Why does Omega cost so much?

If you’re going to invest in an Omega watch, it’s only right that you know what you’re getting for the price. It’s never a wasted investment, because Omega watches are respected in all timepiece circles.

These watches aren’t just arbitrarily expensive. They are made with materials that resist water, prevent magnetic damage, and won’t easily get scratched up. By understanding the true art of creating watch movements, you will know that it’s a scientific process.

Make sure that you take the time to visit an Omega factory if you ever get the chance so that you can see how the watches are made, and what goes into each design. The long track record and history allow the watchmaker to get top dollar from their timepieces, and their consumers year after year have been more than happy to pay the cost. We recommend starting with an entry-level model that fits your style and taste, and working your way up to collecting different models that you’ll love.

10. Where do Omega watches rank?

Most collectors rank Omega watches in the top 10 of watch brands in the world. It’s always considered in the mix of the best Swiss watches, best luxury watches, and one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

By understanding how these watches rank, you’ll know that you are purchasing a watch that is an investment that you can continuously love and appreciate. By having access to so many different models, in addition to dozens of variations of those models, you can start to appreciate what goes into creating a luxury timepiece.

Omega has a long history of classic offerings, and they continue building upon their reputation with each release. Unlike some of the other top 10 watch brands, you can buy an Omega without having to worry about it hurting your bank account.

All you need to do is consider the variations that are available and figure out which releases you think will look great on your wrist and on your watch winder.

How Much Is an Omega Watch

How Much Is Omega Worth?

These tips will explain in detail how much Omega is worth, starting with its most important watch offerings. Having the right insight into Omega watches gives you the opportunity to add to your collection and you’ll be able to find the best fit for you.

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