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Rolex Submariner Watches with Leather Strap

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Rolex Submariner Watches on Leather Straps

Although Rolex exclusively sells the Submariner on a metal bracelet, many Submariner owners choose to wear their watches on aftermarket bands. While there are an infinite number of strap options available, a popular and timeless pairing is the Rolex Submariner on a leather strap.

When Rolex first released the Submariner in 1954, it was a straightforward, utilitarian tool-watch, intended for use underwater. The Submariner was only available in stainless steel, and it was considered more of a premium piece of diving equipment, rather than a luxury item or status symbol.

Over the years, the Rolex brand has become the watch manufacturer of choice for signifying success and personal accomplishment, and the Submariner has been elevated to the point of international recognition. As a result, the Submariner has transcended its tool-watch roots, and is now more frequently worn as a dress watch than a dive watch.

According to the traditional rules for formal fashion, watches should be worn on leather straps, with the color of the leather matching the color of the belt and shoes. Additionally, metal bracelets are for sports watches, and should be reserved for such applications. Although these rules are seldom followed, it is undeniable that a leather strap does dress-up the appearance of a watch.

In regards to the Rolex Submariner, changing out it is traditional Oyster bracelet for a high-quality leather strap can quickly change the iconic tool watch appearance into a refined and dressy one, more fitting of formal occasions. Additionally, the Submariner dive watch design guarantees that even on a leather strap, it will not look out of place with jeans and a T-shirt.

As a Rolex best-seller, and most widely recognizable watch, the Submariner is a popular choice for those in the market for a Rolex. As a result, quite a lot of people own a Submariner, and the watch has changed very little in visual appearance over the decades. By wearing their Submariner on a leather strap, owners have a greater opportunity to customize the look of their watch, and help set it apart from the many other Submariners in existence.

Whether you with your watch a more formal appearance, or merely to differentiate yourself from the scores of other Submariner owners, wearing your Rolex Submariner on a leather strap is an excellent way of enjoying the most classic and iconic dive watch in an entirely new, and more formal configuration.

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