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5 Patriotic Watches in Honor of July 4th

Paul Altieri

If you’re going to cook those steaks to a perfect medium rare, time the kids like Olympians as they race in the pool, and set off the fireworks at dark this July 4th – you’re going to need the right watch.

Of course, you don’t just need a high precision luxury watch; you need one that’s totally patriotic and fitting for the holiday. So, here we have laid out a handful of red, white, and blue inspired timepieces that will look the part and function great this Independence Day.

July 4th
Here are 5 great red and blue watches that are perfect for your July 4th celebration!

1. Rolex GMT-Master ‘Pepsi’ 16700

July 4th
The red and blue bezel of the Rolex ‘Pepsi’ GMT-Makes it perfectly suited for July 4th.

There’s not much that’s more American than soda pop, making the blue and red ‘Pepsi’ bezel on the Rolex GMT-Master perfectly patriotic for your 4th of July celebration. However, if you really know the history of this pilots watch, you know that the bezel colors are actually derived from Pan Am Airlines’ company colors: red and blue. Either way, this watch has real American roots, despite its Swiss movement. Plus, it looks so good, there’s really no reason to only wear this stunning Rolex on the 4th of July.


2. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Pyeongchang 2018

July 4th
Although its colors are intended to be a reference to the Korean flag, this red, white, and blue Planet Ocean is also perfect for July 4th. (Image: Omega)

Okay, technically, the colors of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Pyeongchang 2018 are the colors of the South Korean flag – but for the sake of our purposes, this red, white, and blue timepiece can be just as patriotic for us Americans too. The unidirectional bezel on this watch is wonderfully unique, and features blue ceramic with an Omega Liquidmetal diving scale and red rubber inserts between 12 and 3, while the blue rubber strap with red details totally ties the sporty look together. Built for Olympians, you’ll have fun wearing this watch seamlessly at the beach, pool, and barbecue this 4th of July.


3. Hamilton Broadway Day Date Auto

July 4th
Slightly more subtle than other red, white, and blue watches, but equally patriotic, this Hamilton is perfect for an Independence Day barbecue. (Image: Hamilton)

American spirit meets Swiss precision with Hamilton; however despite this, there are few red, white, and blue mechanical watches to choose from in their catalog. Nonetheless, I think this blue, maroon, and white timepiece is a stunningly-subtle nod to our flag’s colors, perfect for those who don’t want something so literal. The face of this watch feels heritage-filled and classic with a dark blue race stripe down the middle, flanked by this deep red-maroon color, and highlighted by a white seconds track around the inside of the bezel. The stainless steel bracelet elevates the look and definitely makes it feel more universal too. I’d salute it.


4. Martenero Edgemere Reserve

July 4th
This red, white, and blue watch comes from an American brand, making it a perfect pairing for the 4th of July. (Image: Martenero)

In honor of the 4th of July, I’ll make room for another American watchmaker on this list – although at Bob’s Watches, we tend to lean towards high-end Swiss timepieces. A particular watch that caught my eye was the Edgemere Reserve from Martenero, which feels refreshingly modern and looks well-above its price range. The dial is stark white, accented by diagonal stripes, eye-catching blue Arabic hour markers, and red hands – the second hand featuring a blue tip. If you look closely, you’ll even see the date has been outlined in blue. I think the founding fathers would approve.


5. Breitling Superocean Automatic 44

July 4th
With just a tiny pop of red on the seconds hand, this Superocean is perfectly on-trend for July 4th without being too obvious about it. (Image: Breitling)

Oversized, a little rugged around the edges, and outfitted in the colors of our flag, the Breitling Superocean Automatic 44 just oozes this American aesthetic – doesn’t it? Clocking in at a whopping 44mm, the watch sits proudly on the wrist, the blue face and matching bezel making a statement but nothing over the top. The white numerals really shine on the dial, and there’s only a drop of red to be seen, sitting at the bottom of the sweeping second hand. This small detail makes it on-brand for the holiday without being so in your face about it. You can get this watch with a stainless steel band or the matching blue rubber which I’m partial to, just because it’s fun and functional for this dive watch. 

Paul Altieri