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Why Buy Used Rolex Watches from Bob’s?

1.   We have the best prices on Certified Authentic Rolex Watches

2.  We have the highest BBB Rating of A+

3.  We always put the customer first with best of class concierge service

New vs Used

Why buy a used Rolex watch as opposed to a new one? Simple: you save a lot of money.  Most used Rolex watches are as much as 60% lower than a  brand new model after sales taxes are paid.  That is a huge saving.  And since these watches are made of the highest quality material and workmanship, they will virtually last forever, depreciating little over their lifespan.  And most will actually begin to increase in value after 30 years or so when they become vintage collections.  What a great investment.

Buy Used Rolex - Bob's Watches

Why Rolex?

When a person walks into a room wearing a Rolex watch it does not go unnoticed. A Rolex watch is the pinnacle of luxury, elegance, and style and now Bob’s Watches makes it easier and safer to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch online.  Buying a Rolex watch shouldn’t be a nerve-racking experience and Bob’s Watches makes sure that when you buy a Rolex from us it is quick, simple, and safe. Our website is designed so you have every method of search at your fingertips. Whether you want to browse our whole inventory of Rolex watches or search for a specific model or watch every option is right in front of you. The process of buying a watch is extremely simple. You just click “buy” on the product page for the watch you want and you are taken to your shopping cart where you fill out your information and order the watch. We offer free shipping so there are no extra shipping charges. We also offer multiple payment options including credit card and wire transfer whichever you prefer to use to buy used Rolex watches.

Bob’s Security is Air-Tight

Our site is also completely secure and you need never worry about your information being lost or stolen or your identity being stolen by cyber thieves. Every single page of our site is protected by a 256-bit SSL or Secure Socket Layer. This is the most state-of-the-art defense against identity theft so you can buy used Rolex watches at Bob’s Watches without worrying about having your vital information stolen. We also have many measures in place to protect against fraud so if your credit card is stolen you can feel safe knowing the perpetrator won’t be able to buy an expensive pre-owned Rolex from our site.

Bob’s Cares About Customers

Bob’s is known to have the best prices on the web to buy used Rolex watches and we hope to keep it that way. We do this from both buying and selling to the public and keeping our margins as thin as possible. We want to create the best possible customer experience when buying used Rolex watches. We work hard to answer any questions you may have about any of our products or products you would like to see added to our inventory. We have a constantly expanding inventory and add new watches weekly to the website. If you are looking for a specific watch we will do the looking for you and send you an email or give you a call when we get one in stock so you can be the first to order.
Buy Used Rolex

We know that there are many other sites that buy and sell used Rolex watches and we’re glad you chose to visit us. Buying a Rolex is a big decision and once you make that decision we want to make the rest of the process as easy as possible for you, so that you can get your watch quickly and start enjoying it (and showing it off to your friends).

Bob’s Gets Your Watch to You Fast and Secure

At Bob’s Watches, we are one of the few Rolex companies or even internet companies that offer next day shipping, free of charge. We do this because we know our customers want to get their watch fast and when they buy used Rolex watches from us they expect it delivered as soon as possible. Many other companies tack on as much as one hundred dollars for overnight shipping and at Bob’s Watches, we think this is ridiculous; you bought the watch you should have it delivered next day for free. All of our packages are fully insured as well so when you buy used Rolex from us you know the watch is safe and secure in the mail and if it is lost it will be paid for in full. This also is free of charge to all of our customers. This is not a special deal or a onetime offer. We are committed to offering free shipping for as long as we are in business and there is no catch or silly code you have to put in to get it.

All of our prices at Bob’s Watches are fair and based on the market prices of Rolex watches. You can be assured not only by this but also by the selling price listed right next to the buy price which is how much we buy the exact Rolex your buying for. This helps assure you that the price you’re paying is a fair one. So if you Google searched “buy a Rolex Explorer” or “buy used Rolex now” please give us a call at 1 (800) 494-3708 or browse or inventory of used Rolex watches, including our used Rolex Day-Date Presidents, here on the site!