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How to Shop Rolex by Using Google Shopping

July 25, 2012

BY Paul Altieri


Are you always on the lookout for better and more efficient ways to find great Rolex deals on the Internet? You may be excited to learn that Google Shopping offers a massive marketplace featuring an unlimited number of product offerings, including pre-owned Rolex watches.

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Shop Rolex watches on Google Shopping

The following step-by-step guide may help you use Google Shopping to find one-of-a-kind pre-owned Rolex watches:

Shop Rolex through online vendors, but be sure you pick the right one. Hint: Bob's Watches.

Google Shopping made easy from Bob’s Watches.

  1. Determine the Rolex watch you want to purchase. Decide on the exact Rolex model you are seeking, such as “Rolex President” or “Rolex President 18038” (in the case you know the exact model of the watch) and enter it into a Google search. The more information you have on the Rolex watch you want to buy before searching, the better.
  2. “Shopping” side bar. Click on the “Shopping” link on the left sidebar once you have searched for the watch. You can actually begin your search from step one and two by going directly to
  3. Browse selection. You will then land on a Google shopping page that displays a vast number of Rolex watches and information offered by various online merchant vendors. These vendors all have the watch you are searching for in stock.
  4. Sort Rolex watches by price. When you sort the watches by price from low to high, it allows for you to compare and find the best deal possible. Locate a watch that fits your budget and then look at the watch’s condition. Just because a Rolex watch is less expensive than others, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best deal. Search for a balance of great price and excellent quality. All of which are excellent investment choices.
  5. Only deal with reputable sellers. To assure you are receiving top-quality products and reputable service, it is essential that you do a bit of research. This includes looking for additional photos of the watch you are considering. You can also ask for additional photos to be sent to your e-mail address. Also, you can learn a lot about a vendor by seeking out customer reviews and recent online news. It is best to stay away from those that offer very little information about their services and background or are the recipient of poor reviews on a regular basis. The fact is that you only want to purchase expensive Rolex watches from sellers that you can trust. eKomi is a great site to verify a vendor’s credibility.
Online vendors should have a high rating to be trusted.

eKomi is a highly trustest site for business reviews.

Browsing Rolex watches via Google Shopping is an adventure in itself. You never know what rare and exotic Rolexes you will find.  A careful search may help you save thousands of dollars on your pre-owned Rolex purchase. The secret to your success is to find the watch of your dreams, while seeking out a seller that has your best interest at heart.




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